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Wordcrafters: The Story Chain.

Hey everyone! I entered a writing challenge and I forgot that now it's my turn! So here it is!

Chapter 5.

 Alalia put her hands over her mouth to stifle her scream. Just then a figure jumped from the trees and landed in between Goldilocks and Mama bear, Mama bear didn't stop running until the figure drew his pine green cape in front of him.
"Hold there beast!" he said. Mama bear skidded to a stop. "What do you think you are doing to this poor harmless child?!" 
"She is the thief who robbed me! She stole my porridge supply that I've been saving all year for the winter! She also stole my husbands wood for his carpenter shop! And she stole my family's bed linens from the line!" Huffed Mama bear. She was pointing an angry claw at Goldilocks and her eyes flared with anger. 
"Surely you can't mean that? She is just a little girl clearly incapable for that sort of thing" said the man.
"Wait! Who are you?" Alalia asked the man. 
"What!? Don't you know? I'm Robin Hood! Keeper of Sherwood forest!" said Robin gallantly. 
Alalia crossed her arms "But you're known for stealing from the rich to feed to the poor right?"
"Uh Well...ugh..That is for the good of the people who need it" Said Robin.
"Hmm..Seems to me like you're defending Goldilocks.." said Mama bear suspiciously. Alalia noticed Goldilocks inching toward the forest. Alalia grabbed her arm "What's wrong Goldilocks? Where are you going?" Goldilocks started twirling her hair nervously "Oh nothing, just keeping my legs from falling asleep".
"Mama bear" said Grandmother "Why don't you compromise? You don't go after her as long as Goldilocks doesn't steal from you or anyone else, how about that?"
"I will if she will" said Mama bear, giving Goldilocks a dirty look. "Goldilocks do you promise not to steal anymore?"
"I'll try...I can't help it" Said Goldilocks, "I'll try very hard"
"There see! That's all taken care of, Grandmother I have the basket!" said Alalia handing the basket to her grandmother..well in the story she was her grandmother.
"Well why don't we have a picnic in celebration of this compromise?" said Grandmother, Toto barked happily. 
"I don't think we need to go that far" said Mama bear and Goldilocks together. 
"Nonsense! Why not? Robin Hood would you like to join?..." asked Grandmother, but Robin Hood wasn't there, they all looked around for him but he'd slipped away. "Oh well, that just leaves more food for us to eat!" 

They set up the picnic on Mama bear's porch, there were delicious things to eat like; cheese, bread, tea and some apples and peaches. They made quick work especially with the tea set which was serving them, the tea pot was teaching her tea cup son whose name was Chip to properly be Alalia's tea cup, he did pretty well with it. 
Alalia noticed Goldilocks putting extra bread and cheese in her pocket, "Why are you doing that?" asked Alalia. Goldilocks put her finger to Alalia and whispered; "I'm saving it for my trip to find my brother Hansel, when I find him we're gonna run away to Oz and get to the wizard to ask him for help"
"Wow" said Alalia
"Would you like to tag along? I'd be glad for the company till I find my brother" said Goldilocks standing up and brushing her golden hair back out of her face. 
Should I go? What if I get lost? Thought Alalia, she decided to go after all."Well grandmother I must be going" said Alalia standing up and brushing crumbs off her skirt. 
"Oh yes dear and do be careful of the candy witch, she was seen again last night in the newspaper" said Grandmother. 

As they set down the trail it was starting to get dark, just as Alalia was about to tell Goldilocks they should probably find shelter for the night a delicious smell wafted into her nose. Mmm..Chocolate...gingerbread..and...cake and other delicious candy.
"Do you smell that?" asked Alalia dreamily...
"Yes..I smell it too..let's follow it" said Goldilocks. The two girls were in a kind of trance as they effortlessly followed the smell. Alalia smelled another She was about to warn Goldilocks when everything went black.

Alalia woke up chained in a chair with Goldilocks who was still asleep. She looked around to find herself in a cottage made of candy. It was warm in the cottage and quiet. Suddenly Alalia heard a wicked cackle of a witch whose warty nose and the rest of her body was coming through the door. 
Alalia realized they were in the candy witch's hut!

Hope you liked it! It's not as great as everyone else's..But it works! Sorry it took so long!
You can read the earlier chapters on this blog; 


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R.I.P. Alan Rickman :(

My sister just told me that Alan Rickman (aka Snape from Harry Potter :( and from 'sense and sensibility' and more. Died :( That's sad, R.I.P. Alan Rickman, You will be remembered always.....That's so so so sad............................................................................:(..............:'(

thanks for reading

     -Adelaide :'(

Guest post with Lauren/interview

Hey all! How has your week been? Mine was a bit....stressing but hopefully next week will be better :)
So today I'm doing a Guest post/interview with Lauren from
I was supposed to have it up a few days ago but stuff got in the way :) So here it is! (Note; This is the first guest post on my blog so it may not be perfect :) Also I'm green (duh :) and Lauren is blue so yeah :)

1. When did you get saved? How old were you?

 I was saved when I was around six or seven. All I remember was that my Mom reading the story of Damascus and how Paul's life was changed forever. I wanted my life to be changed by Jesus and the message of the gospel is so simple that even children can understand it, but so complex that we will never understand it fully. I'm so thankful for the forgiveness Christ has given me on the cross.

2.If you could go anywhere in the whole world (even the solar system :) where would you go?

For the longest time, I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. But recently I've been thinking that there are so many places that I would love to go, but I don't think that matters if I'm not with the people I love.

3.What is your earliest memory?

The earliest memory I could think of with an exact age was when I was around five years old and my sister was born. I was staying at my cousins house and I can remember my aunt telling my other sister that the new sister's name was "Lindsay" but she thought she said "Wendy". 
I also have a dream from when I was apparently pretty young that I always still remember. My mom and I were sitting in a screened-in porch, eating egg salad sandwiches and a buffalo or something came up and started attacking us or something. I really have no idea why I remember both of these things so vividly.

4.What is your favorite pattern? (example; Leopard, zebra, chevron etc.)

I mean I don't like a really cool pattern or anything, but polka dots are cute :)

5.If you could have any pet (anything at all :) which would it be?

 I really don't like pets or furry things that crawl on me...I'm allergic to most animals that shed anyway.

6.If someone gave you a million dollars..what would you do with it?

I would save most of the money (for a house, things in the future, retirement, etc) and use some of it to pay for college. I would obviously give some to either ministries or missionaries and/or pay for missions trips. If I think about it, I think it could be used pretty quickly. And of course I would buy a new pair of jeans or two ;) 

7.Are you a girly girl? Or a tomboy? Or are you both?

I think I'm both a tomboy and a girly girl because I enjoy camping, but I also really like my straightener and shopping. So I'd say more girly girl :) 

8.What is your favorite show/movie? When was the first time you saw it?

 I really like The Voice and America's Got Talent, those are some of my favorite shows. I just started watching those last year. I just love the talent that people have and it warms my heart to watch them. I also loved The Voice and gaining almost a personal attachment to the singers! I really thought both of those shows were overrated before I watched them, but now I can't wait for the next season!

9. Did you see the new Star Wars movie? If so, did you like it?

I didn't see the new star wars movie...I've never really been into them. I know, I must be literally the only person in America who didn't

10. What is one of your pet peeves? 

You know that squeaky sound that people make with their shoes when it is wet? Yeah...

Thanks so much for letting me do this, these were fun questions to answer :) 

Those were great answers Lauren! And don't worry, I saw Star Wars when I was 13. I'd been waiting a long to be able to watch it :) I really loved your answers Lauren! Thanks for doing this! Be sure to check out her blog if you already haven't! It's awesome!
and if any of you out there would like to do a guest post on any my blogs (I have three of my own :) then let me know in the comments! 

Gotta go! 


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Star Wars; The Force Awakens review.

Hey! Like I said in my last post; I am going to be doing a review of the new Star Wars movie that came out this last December. So let's begin!
It was completely totally awesome! So one New Year's eve we (as in; Me, my two sisters I will call; B and E, and my brother A, went to my brother N's house to spend the night) and we stayed up till midnight to ring in the new year, then the next day we went to the theater, there were lines of people waiting to see the movie and thankfully we bought our tickets online or else we'd be waiting a very long time.
When we got to the theater it was jam packed! Like only a few empty seats here and there, most of the front row of the theater was empty so me and E sat there while the others spread out here and there. The screen was like in my face which wasn't too bad.
So we sat there through the previews (which I'm excited about :) and then..The beginning credits started rolling and the music started playing...It was awesome..seeing a new star wars movie in the theater for the first time in my life was pretty awesome! :) It kinda gave be the chills :)
The story plot was very interesting and kept my attention the whole time. I loved BB-8 :) I call him ladybug because he reminds me of one :)
Anyways! Here are the pros of the movie
-There is an opening to more movies in the future :)
-They didn't do too much of the same story plot like in 'a new hope' or 'the phantom menace' like where the kid in the dessert comes on this adventure and finds out their past story. With this movie they changed it pretty good.
-There is a lot of room for character development which I love.
-everything was a pro with this movie. even my older sister loved it (she doesn't normally like star wars :)

Here are the cons of the movie
-I can't wait for the next ones so we can see what happens to Rey, BB-8 and Kylo Ren. They stopped the movie where they would be able to add on more to it in future star wars movies so I'm waiting :)
There aren't really any cons about so far, like it takes me a while to realize them :)

favorite characters;
-Kylo Ren
And everyone else! :)
I don't really have a least favorite character though :)

So yeah not a very informative review. But Thanks for reading! If you haven't already seen the movie you really should! It's awesome, and though it was rated PG-13 I think it's fine to bring kids of all ages (my mom will be taking my younger siblings soon too, and they are from ages; 6-11 but that depends on your siblings or kids :).. As you can see..I'm crazy about star wars!



Hey everyone! With New Year's coming up it's high time I made a 'best of 2015' post! So let's get going!

The good.
-The first Star wars movie to come out in like..40 something years! That is pretty cool. (I finally got to see it on New Year's day! And there will be a review soon!)
-The Royals won! This was the fist time since like the 1960's which is awesome!
-I know this is super late for me but this year I started watching Pokemon with my younger sister..:)
-This was the year I became OBSESSED with anime :)
-I watched a lot of Star wars rebels :)

The bad
-I wasted the majority of my weekends from march to august at a stranger's house
-I didn't get my driving permit
-I was hoping to start some lessons like martial arts or something but that didn't work :)
-I didn't exercise enough
-I got sick a lot

Goals for 2016
-Get a job (Maybe)
-Get a driving permit
-be able to do lessons this year
-Make a point to exercise at least three times a week
-watch more anime! :)
-Maybe go to comic-con
-be a lot more healthier
-I'll think of more goals through out the year! :)

Thanks for reading! What are your goals for 2016?