Friday, January 30, 2015

She's here!!!!! + getting Tawnya's outfit sewn!

So today my grandma came by  and dropped off a box in our kitchen and me (being as I am :) decided to check who it was for and I saw it came from the guy I bought it from on Ebay so I got all excited and Me and my sister Emma ran upstairs with a pair of scissors and opened her up!

  She came separately in a zipped bag and I got so excited because she was in very good condition!
 With her clothes and accessories!!!!!!!
           She is so cute and I saw that she is a tiny bit shorter than my Madeline Hatter doll so that's very good :)

                                                                  Just the perfect size!!!!

                     Her body and head. nose. mouth and eye shape are perfect for Tawnya!

So then I started on Tawnya's outfit (early :) 
So how does it look from drawing to this?......
                                    All this is handmade, hand-sewn and all that.

So all I need to do is buy another Howleen on Ebay (one of those less expensive and....kinda naked ones...Anyways!!!:) So that I can spray paint her body green, re-root her hair (black) and make her light-saber, head-band, sandals, and Yoda ears. But the one Howleen that I  was just showing you (with her clothes :) I'm gonna keep her like that.

Well what do you think?


Monday, January 26, 2015

New name? :)

Okay so while I'm waiting for Howleen to come in the mail I need to think about her changes in her new life, But I need you to help vote in a comment, so:
#1, New  name: think of any cute or interesting name, (I have a few ideas myself, Lexi, Hannah, Taylor, and Toni)
#2, new personality! the possibilities are endless!!!!
#3, new hobbies, Rock-star, skateboarder, tomboy, girly girl, DJ, tech girl, artist, book-worm, undercover spy, rebel (probably :), dancer,  you name it!!!!

So please comment and tell me your ideas for Howleen's new life!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

I bought her!!!!

So in an earlier post I said that I was considering on buying this version of Howleen on  Ebay,  Because I was gonna turn her into my star wars rebels character that I created. Well I bought her and she will be here in about a week, but she isn't gonna be Tawnya.... yet :) So when I get her in the mail I'm gonna fix her up a bit (My mom doesn't like their monster look) so I'm gonna make her look more human, so I'm gonna see how I like her and if she is just right then I'm gonna buy another version like this Howleen doll but I'm gonna try to get a nude (naked) doll of howleen on Ebay for a custom Tawnya...Did that make sense? Anyways! I think I'll change her name and stuff like that but isn't she adorable?! I love her so much and she is so cute!!!!!

Thanks for reading and I'll probably do a review on her when I get her!!!!


first custom doll?

So I've been thinking about doing my first custom doll, And I think I'll do a custom doll for Tawnya (My star wars rebels character that I created :) 
So I needed a small body but she has to be kinda thin so I was surfing the Internet and saw...The monster high pack of trouble (clawdeen's family) So when I saw Clawdeen's little sister Howleen I was like' This is perfect! So what I'll have to do is spray paint her body green, re-root her hair, make her outfit, clip of her ears and make my own Yoda ears and glue them on her head. So I'm gonna try to get her on eBay by herself. So what do you think?

Tell what you think!!!!!! Thanks for reading!


Strange magic movie review

So this last Saturday my dad took me and my siblings to see strange magic so I'm gonna do a review about it.

So My ratings are: Okay. I mean for the animation it was pretty good. My dad loved it.
 But the main character Marianne She was pretty stereo-type. The usual tough-can take care of herself kind of lady. I mean she is pretty cool and has a cool outfit and hairstyle but she was a bit too stereo-type.
Now her little sister I didn't care much about, Her hair was like...Um okay not very real :) She was a lot like Anna.
And I didn't like Prince Roland AT ALL! I hated him, he was disgusting!
                                     I kinda liked sunny, He was an okay character.
                                        I didn't really care about the bog king........
                             And the sugar plum (voiced by Kristen Chenoweth)
Violence: 1 out of 5 (they do fight and attack each other.
Language: 2 out of 5
Romance: 5 out of 5 (the whole movie is about love, and a lot of the characters kiss a lot)
And the story plot...It went by way too fast.
I didn't really like how they had to sing like every 5 minutes, Some of you may like it and some of may not. I'm just saying that in my opinion I liked Tinkerbell and Epic way better than strange magic. The bog king and his kingdom was a lot like the villain on Epic. And Marianne and Don (her younger sister) were a lot like Anna and Elsa.

So like I said. I thought the movie was okay....
Please tell me what you think about the movie!


Friday, January 23, 2015

The 'stranded on a deserted island tag'!

Okay so I got tagged by the totally awesome guinea pig lover!!!!! Thanks so much! Okay so she tagged me with the 'stranded on a deserted island' tag! So lets get started!

 You have one food item (besides all the fish you can catch), so what do you choose?
Fruit+veggies :)
You have one beverage. What do you chose?
Water (or fruit+veggie juice)
What one outfit would you bring to wear? 
Um...maybe an old pair of shorts and an old loose T-shirts
What would you bring if you had one author with all the books they have ever written? 
Maybe an adventure book like the Swiss family Robertson. (it really helps with the surviving part.)

What one magazine would you bring?
A survival magazine like 
You have one freebie item-what is it?
a camera or a laptop.
What would you do for an entire year?
Um...try to make a life and study the island. 
Best thing about solo island living: the beach, do whatever you want, great tan, or a lot of alone time? 
You learn a ton of things, and it gives you a sort of vacation :)

Ickiest thing about solo island living: the beach, do whatever you want, awful sunburn, or a lot of alone time?
Being alone

Yay! You are finally rescued! Who is the person you want to see? 
Probably my family :)
What is the first thing you want to do?
write a book about it :)
First thing you want to eat?
Um....Hmm...maybe an ice-cream cone or church's chicken....:)

So here are the rules!:
tag about 5-7 doesn't really matter ho may people you tag :) and you answer the questions that I just answered :)
I nominate!:
little kawaii daisy
Adelaide Thompson
Autumn Raelin

Thanks for reading!!!!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Even more new ever after high dolls!!!!!

SO like I have been saying....I saw these peeps on Amazon!!!!!!
First is Darling charming, She is Dexter and Daring's sister and she is a rebel.

Next is Rosabella beauty, She is of course the daughter of belle from beauty and the beast, And I've been waiting for her because I had hoped they would make her character and now she is here!

And here is the daughter of the white rabbit, Bunny Blanc

And this is the son of Alice from Alice in wonderland, His name is Alistair wonderland.

And this is Faybelle thorne, She must be the daughter of maleficent. (Faybelle's name sounds like Belle thorne :) But Faybelle looks like she is from monster high.....

Okay so these dolls aren't as detailed as the first couple ones, I'm still waiting for melody piper. Now Faybelle doesn't look right for some reason......I think the daughter of Belle from beauty and the beast looks okay, and so does Darling charming but the next other ones don't look as detailed like they didn't give them a lot of attention. Oh well....I guess I'll find out later......
Well thanks for reading!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

I went to the movies! (My 3rd time in a row! :)

Okay so like 3 weeks ago, My dad took me and my siblings to see night at the museum and the secret of the tomb, it was pretty good....
Then a week later we saw 'Penguins of Madagascar' It was okay but not my favorite movie.
So today we went and saw 'Paddington'   it is so good! It would probably have 99% out of 100 for kid friendliness.
I would rate it like...5 out of 5. It was really good! and the animation for the bears was so good! I mean it was like Rocket raccoon type. It says it's the producer of Harry Potter (I love Harry Potter!) and I can see why. This movie is awesome and I thought it would be like weird animation with a weird story but it is really good!

So if you haven't seen this movie then you need to!
Well I gotta go!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New ever after high dolls!

So once again I was surfing the internet when I saw..........
Duchess swan! YaY!!!!! I've been waiting for more characters to be released! She is the daughter of the swan princess. She is on Amazon right now. look how pretty she is!
But not only did I find Duchess, I also found Ginger breadhouse, she is the daughter of the candy witch from Hansel and Gretel. Isn't she so cute?! She was in the most recent episode from ever after high. And she is so sweet! She is also on amazon.


Now if they would just release Melody Piper......:) I really want to get her, her being a really cute DJ. I will try to wait :)  Right now I have the original Poppy o'hair, Madeline hatter, Throne-coming raven, getting fairest Raven, and the hat-tastic Cedar wood.
Please ever after high...please, please, please--make Melody Piper! :)

Well thanks for reading! CYA!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy (late) new year!

Well...2014 is over.:( But I'm very excited to start 2015! But before we go there I'm gonna reflect on the things that happened this last year :)
-My brother got married and moved away......:(

-I got into ever after high :)

-I got into the Harry potter fandom after reading the books :)

-I got my ears pierced
-I got my first hair cut
-I saw maleficent and big hero 6 in theaters (I wish I could've seen how to train our dragon 2 and guardians of the galaxy though :(
-I met my very best friends this year.
-I finally got a skateboard for Christmas and I'm looking forward to spring to riding it at the skateboard park this year.
- I started this blog
-I started my YouTube channel.
-I got into a star wars rebels fandom
-I was in a Frozen singing recital
-I went to the nelson Atkins museum of art.
-I didn't have a crush on any living human being (only animated ones :) jk.

My favorite songs this year were:
Immortals -fall out boy (from big hero 6)
light em up- fall out boy
centuries- fall out boy
on top of the world -Greek fire
love runs out- one republic
blank space- Taylor swift
problems- ariana grande
we'll be counting stars- one republic
I liked a bunch more songs but I can't remember them :)

Movies I got to watch:
Alice in wonderland (the one with johnny Depp)
Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
how to train your dragon (the first one)
rise of the guardians
Muppets most wanted
the emperor's new groove
I think that's about it.

exercise more and lose some flab
learn how to dance; break-dancing, jazz, and a bunch more.
Get super ahead in school.
Learn Tech/computer science/robotics and that sort of thing.
Learn how to animate (I can dream can't I?:)
Learn really well how to skateboard :)

Well I hope you liked it!