Sunday, March 20, 2016

Etsy prototypes + ahsoka hoodie review

Hello! Here are some prototype ideas for my etsy shop! My Kanani doll is modeling them for me :) (Note: this is old  clothing that I'm upcycling :)
First up is this top, it is pale pink, has ribbons to keep it on, and on the bottom is a Hello Kitty tag.
Then there are hot pink shorts.

Here she is again with the same shirt but with an upcycled hot pink Hello Kitty mini skirt with a Hello Kitty decal, that I made into a doll skirt.

Here she is with an aqua blue cotton tank, and an upcycled sky blue skirt with patterns on it.

You could also pull the shirt up for a crop top :)

Here are some upcycled jeans with some embroidery on them that I made into doll jeans.

Here is a pair of doll sized purple sweatpants.

This is all the items together, what do you think? I mean I'm still working on other stuff for the shop but here are some AG doll clothes.

Next up is my short Ahsoka Tano hoodie review! Yay! So this came a week after I ordered it which was awesome :) Here is the Hunic's front side, which has her whole top part of her outfit :)

Here is the back side of the Hunic which is just as detailed as the front :) It even has her padawan bead things that hang on her lekku. And one of them was printed to look like it was ripped off, just like in the show :)

On the sleeves you have the option to wear it like a sleeve or like finger-less gloves like Ahsoka does :)

From a scale of one to ten (sounds like Baymax) how would I rate this item? Um..9.5, why? Because of some of the design being kinda printed on there, I'm sure that after weeks or a few months of wear might scratch it off, and I'm not sure how long it will fit me, it fits me fine right now but let's say next autumn or in two years I may not fit it then, so I will enjoy it while I can!
If you're looking for a super cool Ahsoka tano hoodie for a costume or just an everyday hoodie, you should really look into getting one of these, I got mine at like 20-30% off which was great :) My younger sister got one too!
This is a recent picture of me for my 'about me' page, which is updated now!

This is my bed space, where I draw, sometimes sew, and obviously sleep :)

This one side of my shelf where I keep my pencils, colored pencils, my favorite stuffed dog Archie and other random stuff :)

This is the other side of my shelf where I keep my favorite books like; Harry potter, 'how to draw anime and manga' books, my homelanders book, ever after high, big hero 6, LOTR, and lots of notebooks :)

Thanks for reading! And I'll CYA next time!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Hey all! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Will you be doing anything involved with leprechauns or green themed type of stuff? I'm not sure that I'll be doing anything like that today, I'm busy taking care of the daycare kids and such, but maybe I'll get lucky..get it? Lucky? Oh forget it :)
Here are some questions for you all!
1. Are you Irish?
(I am)
2. will you be doing anything for St. Patrick's Day?
(I don't know what I'll be doing for sure yet)
3. Will you be wearing green?
(I actually should :)

So if you want to answer these questions you can answer them in a comment or something :)
Anyways. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Liebster award!

Hey all! I got nominated to do the liebster award by Guinea pig lover! Thanks! Here is the link


  • Link back to the person who tagged you
  • Answer 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers who have less than a thousand readers 
  • Ask them 11 questions
  • Let them know you've tagged them through social media 
Here are Guinea pig lover's questions!
1. Is your hair straight, curly, or wavy?

2. What song have you been playing on repeat recently?
Hmm..Monster (DotExE remix) by Meg and Dia :)

3. Do you wear makeup? Why or why not?
No I don't wear makeup. Why not? Because I do not have enough time and I'm too lazy to put it on :) Also I think people should love you how you look whether you wear makeup or not. :D

4. If you had a day where you could be anywhere in the world, where would you spend that day?
In Japan or something, learning Parkour :)

5. What is a color that dominates your room?
Um..Aqua, hot pink, white and black :)

6. What is one thing you did as a kid that you wish you could still do?
Play outside all day, I barely go out but I'm trying to break that habit. But until about 3 years ago, My sister and I Played outside every single day, from about 7:00am to about 6:00pm. So yeah those were the days :)

7. What is one food that sounds disgusting, but you would try it?
I'm not sure, but my dad made soup out of a cow's stomach one time, It was super chewy but great if you had the cold, I was among the very few that would try it and like it :)

8. Do you travel a lot? If so, where are some of the places you've been?
My family and I used to, we were missionaries then we stopped and I haven't been out of the state in a few years :) But Tennessee, Florida, and North Carolina were my favs. (I spent the first half of my life In NC :)

9. What television show do you constantly watch?
Hmm..I either watch Pokemon, The Office (USA version), or Star wars rebels :)

10. Do you know what "fangirling" is? If so, explain what it is in your own words.
Yes, yes I do. Fangirling is where you become so in love with a book, film, or story and you just sort of become a part of that, My sister and I fangirl ALL THE TIME! Whether it be Pokemon, Star wars, FMA, Or another anime we watch :)

11. What is the most pleasant smell according to yourself?
Burning wood, Pine trees, the smell of Christmas wrapping paper, the smell of a new catalog and other things :)

Thanks for the questions GPL! 
I tag
anyone out there with less than a thousand readers! (I literally am too tired to think, plus I'm kinda sick :)
Here are my questions!
  1. Have you ever cried over a fictional character's death? If so whose was it?
  2. What are your 5 most favorite children's books as a child?
  3. Have you seen Zootopia yet?
  4. Dream hairstyle?
  5. Dream car?
  6. What type of house would you live in? It can be ANYTHING, tree house? Submarine? etc.
  7. Whose voice do you think you imitate very well?
  8. Favorite accent, besides British :)
  9. What is a fear you've gotten over recently?
  10. Any plans for this summer or Spring break?
  11. Worst video game ever played?
Hope you like the questions! 


Friday, March 11, 2016

I might be able to post pics again!

Hey all! So I think I might be able to use my mom's computer to post actual pictures again!  (if she will let me :) I'll have to ask her..:) So this means I might be able to post drawings on my art blog, doll stuff on my doll blog and other stuff on this blog, YAY!
BTW-the star wars ahsoka tano hoodies/tunics (hunics) came in the mail last week so hopefully I can post some pics of them :) they are super comfy! And adorable! My younger sister and I both got one.
So yeah maybe next time I post there will be actual pictures!!!!! :)


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Etsy news

Hey all! yesterday I decided to start making items to sell on etsy! Yay!!! Anyways, soon I'll have some prototypes on here to show you what type of stuff I'll be selling, so yeah, I'm kinda excited about it..YAY!!
Anyways, here is a small idea of what I might be selling
ever after high dolls clothes, and bedding etc.
American girl doll clothes. and maybe some accessories.
Maybe some animator's collection doll clothes :)
Some jewelry, bags, and some clothing for girls to wear and use.
Fandom stuff like anime, star wars, harry potter and stuff like that :)
So if you are interested I'll be posting pics of that type of stuff as soon as I can!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Old tags I never posted :) Sorry for the delay!

Hey everyone! Trying to post draft posts and I found this award I never posted (sorry :)  So I was nominated!!!! By Autumn from  so the rules say you have to follow the person who nominated you but I already follow her......:)

Thanks Autumn for nominating me! sorry I didn't post it till 2 years later :)
The rules state that I share a brief story about how I started blogging, share some tips, and nominate 15 bloggers. Now I'm too tired tonight to do that so I nominate everyone!!!! Yay! Sound fun? Okay here we go.
I actually have 3 of my own blogs, and two other ones I share with other bloggers but we haven't done blogging on both of those in a long time.
This is actually my second blog, my first blog is my art blog, and this one is just for everyday stuff, my third blog is my doll, figure, and toy blog.
Anyways! Back to the story about this blog.
After I'd made my first blog, I think the year was..2014 yeah, August 7th. I wanted to post more than my drawings, so my older sister set this one up for me, and that night was super rainy and stormy, I thought we'd crash the computer :) anyways..I know some people use pseudonyms (creating a different name for yourself so that your identity isn't stolen or something) But that's not the case here, My name is Adelaide (or Addy) and it always has been :)
So yeah not much of a big story :) Here are some tips; (I hope they help you :)

-You honestly cannot expect to get a billion followers or even a large handful (or a small handful) I've had this blog for only a year and about 7 months, And I only have 3 followers :) Basically it depends, I've heard a lot of bloggers say that you have to blog for the fun of it and it is so so true, it's like a public journal basically. Don't rely on the page views or followers to make your blog famous. Just enjoy it! It's fun!

-comment comment! People love comments (positive ones) it makes them happy, and sometimes it really just makes their day! (It makes my day! :) But try not to advertise in a comment like "Hey check out my blog!" It's like you don't care for the blog, like you didn't even read the post and are just trying to get more followers or something, trust me I've been there, I used to just comment for the advertising, now I realize how that might hurt the bloggers feelings. If you really need to advertise then start with some relevance like; "Wow cool post! Love your hair! If you get the chance would you like to check out my blog?" Something like that :)

-Follow other blogs, I think I follow about 100+ I could be wrong though :)

-Letting another blogger do a guest post on your blog or you guest-posting on theirs can help to advertise your blog and theirs too!

I hope those helped!

Here is another tag from Autumn! Thanks so much!

1 Thank the one who nominated you and include a link to their blog (done and done :)
2 List the rules and display the award (done and done :)
3 add 7 facts about yourself
4 nominate 15 other bloggers (too tired to do that, I nominate anyone and everyone who wants to do this! :D
5 Follow the person on blogger who nominated you (I have for a while :)

Here are the 7 facts about myself :)

  1. My nicknames are; Rosey, Rosey-toesie, Bunny (that's what my little sister sometimes calls me :)
  2. I'm half Cuban (my dad is from Cuba) and I barely know Spanish :)
  3. I own an etsy shop with my younger sister and I haven't made anything to sell :D
  4. I LOVE LOVE star wars! But I didn't actually watch any of the movies till I was 13! 
  5. When I was born in a minivan on the highway and as soon as I was taken to the hospital, there wasn't anything they needed to do, my doctor who delivered me was my dad (And he isn't even a real doctor :)<3 and the people at the hospital asked my dad if they could call the news (Like literal TV) But my dad said no. The doctor said babies aren't normally born in cars :)
  6. I hate sharks, I'm sorry but I hate them so much that I'm scared of them, we went to an aquarium in 2010 and it was so scary! I also don't like underwater type of stuff unless they are turtles or sea horses!
  7. One time I tried to flip in our pool and I bunked my head so hard that I thought I cracked my skull or something :)

Now at Kathryn said anyone who wanted to could do this award So here I am doing it!
1 thank the person who nominated you (Thanks Kathryn!!!! :)
2 Tell us 11 facts about yourself
3 Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
4 nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them (I nominate ANYONE who'd like to do this!)

  1. I'm an Introvert! I'm very shy, and won't talk to someone unless there is something I need to say, beating around the bush is weird...I'm working very very hard on it. I'm also very self conscious but I'm working on that too!
  2. I hate Copyrighted things unless it's fan art or fan fiction!
  3. I kinda hate movies with a lot of mush in them, I still don't know how I feel about that type of stuff yet, and I'm 15! 
  4. Romantic real life stuff isn't really my thing, I get super scared whenever I attempt to think about it and my hands start to hurt. Anime and fiction romances are totally not the case :) 
  5. I knew a boy when I was 8 who was 7 and had a crush on me for some reason, he tried to kiss me and stuff and wouldn't leave me alone, his brothers and my brothers protected me though :) I mean we were at his house for only about a week! 
  6. one of my little brothers when he was really little wanted to marry me for the LONGEST time! He didn't quite understand that siblings CANNOT be married to each other :) He's grown out of that now :)
  7. I more tomboyish than girly, that's what happens when you have 3 older brothers and 4 younger brothers, I love anything Camo (I literally squeal when I see something camo anywhere!) I love playing light saber battles, I like dirt bikes, and stuff like that :)
  8. I was SUPER obsessed with Tangled in 2011, I still am but not as crazy as I was when I was 10 :)
  9. I can do a pretty decent cartwheel, I'm hoping to start learning gymnastics sometime this year.
  10. I DO NOT like coconut unless it's coconut chicken or coconut shrimp.
  11. I'm obsessed with health food, salad, fruit, veggies, you name it! 
Here are the questions from Kathryn
1 What is your least favorite subject from school?
MATH! And government :)
2 Favorite subject?
History (like Japanese or other Asian history :) and Reading!
3 If you could become an automatic pro at something what would it be?
Hmm..It would be the ability to learn ANYTHING! Like martial arts, gymnastics, invisibility, stealth, shape-shifting, math and such :) everything..
4 Dream pet (it can be something totally wacky)
Okay if you say so :) Recently I've been liking a pet from an anime that I'm watching; HunterxHunter. one of my favorite characters; Killua, his family owns this huge dog (Like taller than some trees) and his name is Mike, I want him. I'd also like; Pikachu, Togepi, and a turtle :)
5 What do you collect?
Um..I collect dolls, weapons, tsum tsums, funkos, and small blind-bag type of stuff :)

Here are my questions for whoever wants to do this!

What is your favorite music genre?
Do you like up-cycling clothes or buying new ones?
Apocalypse? Or alien invasion?
What would you say if your favorite celebrity asked to be your best friend?
Favorite car?
Do you play any instruments?
Do you play video games? If so, which ones?
What movies or TV shows would you want to be in? 
Cream filled, or glazed doughnuts?
Worst nightmare?
Does itchy fabric bother you? :)
Have you ever gone to see anyone in concert?
Those are my questions! I hope you like them! Thanks for reading! And anyone who wants to can do these! Well bye bye!