Saturday, April 25, 2015

Star wars rebels season 2 is coming!!!!!!!!

Yay!!!! I've been waiting for this since season 1 ended! I'm so excited!!!!! BTW-If you haven't watched star wars rebels or the clone wars then this might be a spoiler alert! :) Ahsoka Tano will be in the rebels team now!!!! Yay!!! Look how much older she is! She must be about....32? It's awesome that she'll be in it!!!! And Now Darth Vader joins the show!!!! And Hondo and Captain Rex! And some of his fellow clones!!!
Star Wars Rebels Season Two Key Art

There are no words to describe how I feel! I'm so excited! The animation is getting better, They are getting in a larger group and going farther in the galaxy! I was so excited that Ahsoka was fulcrum! (My Nerdy-ness coming out in me :) I really really can't wait to see the first episode for season 2! (I really want to go to Comic con as well :)XD
so let's talk!:
Some of them seemed to have gotten a bit changed since the season 1 finale, take a look at Sabine Wren, I mean she now has Blue hair? and a different outfit with different colors, no offence but she looks like a race-car :)
Ahsoka's light sabers are blueish white instead of green!
No on else looks changed but Ezra looks slightly changed....hmm
I can't wait for season 2 to start but I heard it might not start until September, or October, or November, if that's true then we have a long time to wait...:) we're not sure when..
I'm hoping Aurra Sing (my most favorite bounty hunter!), Boba fett, and other characters will show up in season 2. there are now 2 more inquisitors (I think) and some think the girl inquisitor is Bariss but we're not sure, that'd be cool though! So are any of you out there reading this excited or what?! My sister and I are very excited! (did I already say I was excited? :)
So thanks for reading, I hope you liked it and I hope you're excited for season 2! Bye! (May the force be with you?)
-Adelaide :)

Movies I've seen recently :)

Hello! long time no see!!! so I completely forgot to tell you about some movies that I've seen quite recently. first of all:
                             How to Train Your Dragon-2 DVD -  Dreamworks Video - Toys"R"Us
How to train your dragon 2!!! (sorry the picture is so blurry :) I'd been waiting to see it and it's on my brother's Netflix so we finally got to see it! I thought it was awesome! Funny, great animation! :) but...a little..sad :( the characters on there were very funny, I loved Astrid's new look,

                                   The Home Soundtrack CD -  Universal Music - Toys"R"Us
Next I saw very very recently at the theater: Dreamworks Home! It was AWESOME! the story was great, Oh (that's the little alien's name :) was so funny, Tip (voiced by Rhianna) she was so cute and funny, loved her curly hair. the movie was so good! it was funny, little sad parts, great animation! I loved this movie!
                             The Croods DVD -  20th Century Fox - Toys"R"Us
I also got to watch on Netflix: the Croods, (dreamworks) it was so cute and funny, some say that it has crude humor but I did not notice any, it had the humor that most funny movies have these days
;) the story was so cute, and the characters were awesome!
                                 Turbo DVD -  20th Century Fox - Toys"R"Us
Also on Netflix I saw dreamworks Turbo, I thought it wouldn't be that great, but it was pretty good! it was so cute with these little snails trying to win races, and stuff, I thought I wouldn't like it because it might be just like Disney's cars. but yay! It wasn't!
                              The Pirate Fairy DVD   
You might think I'm crazy but I LOVE the Tinker bell movies, the stories, why they do what they do and pixie hollow and such, so recently last..weekend at my dad's we did a Tinker bell marathon and I finally got to see the pirate fairy one, it was a pretty good movie! and the Tinker bell animation is getting better with every movie! I'm waiting to see Tinker bell and the never-beast......BTW-I've made a few Tinker bell characters of my own, not that that is much of a surprise to you :) :)

so yeah....those are five very good movies that I got see.

Good bye!!! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I got nominated!!!!

So you can tell by the post title that I apparently got nominated. And I got nominated by the wonderful and awesome GUINEA PIG LOVER!!!!!!!! Yay!!! Thanks so much!!!! Her blog is so check it out please, because it's great!
Now for the rules!!!:
-Answer the questions
-nominate others
-make up your own questions (I love doing that! :)
-comment on other people's blogs telling them they got nominated.
-include the picture in your post.

I nominate:
-the dolls
 I know it's only five people but..,yeah..

Now for the questions!:

  • What is your favorite food? This includes sweets. ;) :Um...I love fruits and veggies! 
  • What song do you listen to all the time?: Um...probably night-core's version of 'Angel with a shotgun' I love that song right now!!!!
  • Polka dots, hearts, or chevron?: Chevron or if I could...Aztec.
  • Do you do different hairstyles with your hair?: Yeah I used to, now my bangs grew out and I want to cut it maybe shoulder length this time.
  • What was your favorite birthday gift you have ever received?: Last year I got these really nice headphones from Justice and they're awesome! And they are blue with sparkly unicorns on them :) 
  • When did you last wash your hands?: When I went to the bathroom which was a few hours ago :)
  • Do you bake? If so, what is your favorite recipe?: um..sweet potato pudding! 
  • Coke or Pepsi?: None...I don't drink coke at all anymore. 
  • Converse or heels?: Um...duh...Addy here. I (I'm sorry to say this to you fashionistas who may be reading this) but I hate heels so yeah converse :)
So thanks so much /guinea pig lover for nominating me!!!
Here are your questions:
- Do you like neon socks or pastel socks?
-If you had $100,000 what would you do with it?
-biggest dream ever?
-bananas or apples?
-Are you a rebel or a royal? :)
-ever had problems with the Internet?