Tuesday, November 25, 2014

KITTY CHESHIRE!!!!! + WHAT?!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! I was surfing the web when on Amazon I saw an ever after high KITTY CHESHIRE DOLL!!!!!!!
Here is her picture: She is so cute and catty! :) My sister really wants to get her.

But look what else I found!!!!!! YAY!!!! I'm so glad that they have another doll for POPPY!!! I really really want to get her! And she is so cute! BTW- you can find all of these ones on amazon.


WHAT!!!! New play-sets!!!! And look at Lizzie  Hearts play-set!  It is so cute!


I'm really liking Raven's.....

Hopefully the price will go down so that I can get them....I'm kind of disappointed that They haven't had a new Raven doll..... :(But now that Kitty is here then maybe Melody Piper will soon come (I really want her! ) Well that's all for now! Bye!
-Adelaide R.

PS. Sorry that I didn't include they're titles, I was way too excited!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Big hero 6!!!

Okay so I finally got to do my birthday party this Friday and the theme was Big hero 6. so of course I had to go and see the movie. And it was awesome! BTW- I'll be doing a review on the stuff I got. The animation was great! The music was awesome! My favorite characters were: Hiro Hamada, Go go Tomago, and Baymax. I might do a more detailed review of the movie soon....Well I gotta go! See ya!

           -Adelaide R.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

1st award!

My very first award for this  blog! I got nominated by Lydia from http://thefashioncheetah.blogspot.com/ Thank you Lydia!!!

I started this blog 'cause I love Ever after high (I'm a bit of a nerd :) I also wanted to be able to post more than just drawing from my art blog; Addy'sartworld.blogspot.com. I really wanted to get to know more girls like me. I'v had this blog for only a few months. But it's great!

It's okay if you don't get comments, it's okay if you don't get followers right away. And you can post about anything! (not anything insulting of course!) And even if you get bad reviews, just don't let them get you down! And always try something new! And do not worry about what other people may think about you! You don't have to be ashamed!
I nominate:
-Abbie R.
-the doll Wardrobe
-Amy dashwood
-guinea pig lover
-Never grow up
-Allison Ballenger
Well I gotta go!
  Adelaide R

Baby it's cold outside :)

No I'm serious! It is so cold! and there is a very big chance that it could snow this Saturday! Earlier today it was down to 15 degrees! Brr.... I'm glad it's cold but it kind of got a bit too cold and it's kind of early..What do you think? Please comment down below and tell me what you think.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I got Cedar Wood!

Well you know last week was my birthday. And my mom got me Madeline hatter, well my dad was away at that time so this week he got me.....Cedar Wood from the hat-tastic ever after high line!
Yeah I know I keep promising to get actual pics on the blog but it's kind of hard to do that on this computer so this will hopefully tide you over :)

EVER AFTER HIGH™  Hat-tastic Party™ Cedar Wood™ Doll
Well I gotta go!