Friday, December 19, 2014

YouTube channel!

Hello all! It is about 6 days till Christmas! I'm getting so excited!  BTW- I just made my very own YouTube channel! YaY! I've been waiting so long! So although I do not have any videos yet, I'd really appreciate it if you could subscribe! My channel is: DJwolf. (I'll be doing vlogs, toy reviews, challenges and more!)
See ya!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I got tagged!

Hey! I got tagged by the wonderful Lydia from!!!!! Thanks so much Lydia!!!! Okay so this tag is called; winter wasteland tag! so here are the rules!
Here are the rules:
  • Share 5-15 things that you like to do in the winter
  • Tag 5-10 people                       

    So here are the 15 things I like about winter!
    1. I love snow!
    2. Hot cocoa and Christmas cookies!
    3. Being able to use the fireplace! :)
    4. Eat fudge (homemade!), also homemade peanut brittle! snicker-doodles! And lots more yummy Christmas (unhealthy :) treats!!!!
    5. Saving up ALL my money to buy my family presents
    6. Listen to Christmas music!
    7. staying up really late to watch Christmas movies!
    8. Wearing warm and cozy things!!!!
    9. The smell of wrapping paper!!!!!
    10. getting freaked out about how close Christmas gets!!!!
    11. Watering the...tree.....:)
    12. Gingerbread houses!!!!
    13. The....Coyotes...Howl more in the winter here.....:)
    14. Making my dolls warmer clothes
    15. Jesus's birthday! 
    I nominate;
    Miss Dashwood
    Hope you liked it! Merry Christmas!

    Monday, December 8, 2014

    I got an award!!!!

    Hello! Christmas is coming fast! Anyways I got nominated By Guinea pig lover with the fangirl award! Thanks so much guinea pig lover!!!!! So  here we go!

  • Do you remember the first chapter book series that you read? If so, what was it?
  • It was The home-landers series by Andrew Klavan (But I do not remember the chapter's name :)

  • What fandoms are you in? Ex: Divergent, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson
  • HARRY POTTER!!!!! I love it so much! 

  • What is your favorite book/series? If you can't decide, what books do you just LOVE?
  • HARRY POTTER! The Hobbit,  

  • What movie that is based on the book do you hate the most?
  •  The 'Mandie and the secret tunnel' movie And the Sugar creek gang movies. (I love the books, but the movies were...just..the...worst :)

  • What are some books would recommend us(bloggers/readers) to read?
  • If you like reading creepy books at night then you should read 'Nightmare City' by Andrew Klavan, 

  • If you were to go to jail(I am not implying that you would) and you could only take the bible and one book with you, what book would you take(you are not allowed to say "I don't know"!)
  • Um...I would take the 1st book of the Home-landers series (You really should read them!!!!)

  • What book are you currently reading?
  • Um..I'm going through the Harry Potter books (again) and I just finished reading the hobbit again :)

  • What is your favorite quote from a book or movie?
  • "No one is that good, not even you, especially you" -Astrid from 'How to train your dragon'
  • Well Now I must nominate! But first here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  • Copy and paste these rules onto your post. You must include the rules!
  • Answer the questions that are on this post as best you can. (YOU DO NOT MAKE MORE QUESTIONS UP YOURSELF) 
  • Nominate 5-10 people and link them in the post. (If you know 10 people, than please nominate 10 people.)
  • Go to each of the nominees blogs and comment on one of their posts to tell them that you nominated them with a link to the post.
  • Put the award at the bottom of the post.
  • And here are the questions that you have to answer(when you do the award you don't make up new questions):

    1. Do you remember the first chapter book series that you read? If so, what was it?
    2. What fandoms are you in? Ex: Divergent, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson
    3. What is your favorite book/series? If you can't decide, what books do you just LOVE?
    4. What movie that is based on the book do you hate the most?
    5. What are some books would recommend us(bloggers/readers) to read?
    6. If you were to go to jail(I am not implying that you would) and you could only take the bible and one book with you, what book would you take(you are not allowed to say "I don't know"!)
    7. What book are you currently reading?
    8. What is your favorite quote from a book or movie?  
    Now I nominate!!!!
    Well gotta go! 


    Wednesday, December 3, 2014

    Countdown to Christmas! day 3

    HO HO HO! Merry Christmas! So it is day 3! ( I had to skip day 2 :( and this subject is: Christmas trees! and Christmas ceramic villages! We got our tree decorated! So Here are the pictures to prove it!:

    And after!
                                                               This one looks brighter :)
    Now for the trees on the internet! ;)

    And now for the Garland and Village pics :)

    And now the Garland!

    Yeah I know this one had a lot of internet pics I can't help that they are so pretty! :)
    So do you have your Christmas tree up yet?

    Monday, December 1, 2014

    countdown to Christmas! #1!

    Hello! Is is December! And I'm gonna try to do a CTC!  So Here we go!
    First subject: GARLAND! so that was the first one we put up! But I couldn't put my pics on yet.
    But here are some from the internet!



    Well gotta go! See ya later!

    Tuesday, November 25, 2014

    KITTY CHESHIRE!!!!! + WHAT?!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone! I was surfing the web when on Amazon I saw an ever after high KITTY CHESHIRE DOLL!!!!!!!
    Here is her picture: She is so cute and catty! :) My sister really wants to get her.

    But look what else I found!!!!!! YAY!!!! I'm so glad that they have another doll for POPPY!!! I really really want to get her! And she is so cute! BTW- you can find all of these ones on amazon.


    WHAT!!!! New play-sets!!!! And look at Lizzie  Hearts play-set!  It is so cute!


    I'm really liking Raven's.....

    Hopefully the price will go down so that I can get them....I'm kind of disappointed that They haven't had a new Raven doll..... :(But now that Kitty is here then maybe Melody Piper will soon come (I really want her! ) Well that's all for now! Bye!
    -Adelaide R.

    PS. Sorry that I didn't include they're titles, I was way too excited!

    Saturday, November 15, 2014

    Big hero 6!!!

    Okay so I finally got to do my birthday party this Friday and the theme was Big hero 6. so of course I had to go and see the movie. And it was awesome! BTW- I'll be doing a review on the stuff I got. The animation was great! The music was awesome! My favorite characters were: Hiro Hamada, Go go Tomago, and Baymax. I might do a more detailed review of the movie soon....Well I gotta go! See ya!

               -Adelaide R.

    Thursday, November 13, 2014

    1st award!

    My very first award for this  blog! I got nominated by Lydia from Thank you Lydia!!!

    I started this blog 'cause I love Ever after high (I'm a bit of a nerd :) I also wanted to be able to post more than just drawing from my art blog; Addy' I really wanted to get to know more girls like me. I'v had this blog for only a few months. But it's great!

    It's okay if you don't get comments, it's okay if you don't get followers right away. And you can post about anything! (not anything insulting of course!) And even if you get bad reviews, just don't let them get you down! And always try something new! And do not worry about what other people may think about you! You don't have to be ashamed!
    I nominate:
    -Abbie R.
    -the doll Wardrobe
    -Amy dashwood
    -guinea pig lover
    -Never grow up
    -Allison Ballenger
    Well I gotta go!
      Adelaide R

    Baby it's cold outside :)

    No I'm serious! It is so cold! and there is a very big chance that it could snow this Saturday! Earlier today it was down to 15 degrees! Brr.... I'm glad it's cold but it kind of got a bit too cold and it's kind of early..What do you think? Please comment down below and tell me what you think.

    Sunday, November 2, 2014

    I got Cedar Wood!

    Well you know last week was my birthday. And my mom got me Madeline hatter, well my dad was away at that time so this week he got me.....Cedar Wood from the hat-tastic ever after high line!
    Yeah I know I keep promising to get actual pics on the blog but it's kind of hard to do that on this computer so this will hopefully tide you over :)

    EVER AFTER HIGH™  Hat-tastic Party™ Cedar Wood™ Doll
    Well I gotta go!

    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    Ever after high.....

    In 6 days the ever after high throne-coming episode will be on Nickelodeon on November 2nd! I'm so excited! I'm getting really anxious about it!
    I hope they make Poppy O'hair's throne-coming doll! And Melody piper's too!
    And Halloween in coming up! I wonder if they'll make an episode about that. I know I'm just speaking pure randomness but I can't help it! :) Well gotta go!
               -Adelaide R.

    Sunday, October 26, 2014

    I'm 14!

    Hi all! Today is my 14th birthday I was born in 2000 and 14 years ago my dad delivered me when I was born in our mini van on the side of the highway in downtown Missouri (I think) The cord was around my neck and I couldn't breath and so my dad stuck his finger down my throat and after that I could breath. The doctors were angry at my dad for doing something that dangerous. So today when I woke up I found some presents on my bed and I got some candy with nuts (I love nuts 'cause I am a nut :)from my youngest sister Prissy, And from my mom and one of my older sisters I got....Drum-roll....Maddie Hatter!
    Ever After High Madeline Hatter Doll
    She is so adorable! and I will be posting more about her.
    Well gotta go!

    Wednesday, October 15, 2014

    Ever after high Throne-coming!!!!

    Hey guys! So Today I checked up on ever after high and they had this really cool trailer! I can't get it on my blog but if you search up: then you'll find it. I really love Poppy's throne-coming outfit! I hope they come out with all the throne-coming dolls!
    Well I gotta go! (sorry this post was so short!:)

    Tuesday, October 7, 2014

    First doll!!!!

    Okay so I guess by now you know that I LOVE ever after high. Well so does my younger sister Emma who is 12. Well she saved up and bought...Drum-roll......:) CERISE HOOD! So though she isn't my doll I still got super excited! :) I'll be posting actual pics of her but until then I'll just put the store pic of her on here
    EVER AFTER HIGH™ Cerise Hood™ Doll
    Well gotta go!

    Monday, September 22, 2014


    YAY!!!!! Yahoo! It is fall! Well........Looks like this is the end of the line!
    Here are the things I posted through out the weeks.

    Get ideas for easy fall decorating here:

    I am so glad that it's autumn!!!!
    Well gotta go now!

    Sunday, September 21, 2014


    Hey! How are ya? Okay so today my dad took me and my younger siblings to the Luisburg cider-mill and it was awesome! We went in the corn maze, found huge pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, jumped in a bouncy house thing :), and then got apple cider and doughnuts! I don't have much to say but...........2 more days till FALL!!!!! Eek! Ah!!!!! YAY!
    Well that's all for now!

    Thursday, September 18, 2014

    Lizzie hearts!!

    Hey I'm back and I told on my other blogs that I would give you the newest update on ever after high and well here I am!
    Okay! They just made the......Lizzie hearts doll!!!!
    EVER AFTER HIGH™ Lizzie Hearts™ Doll
    EVER AFTER HIGH™ Lizzie Hearts™ Doll
    Aw....Look at the shoes!
    EVER AFTER HIGH™ Lizzie Hearts™ Doll
    EVER AFTER HIGH™ Lizzie Hearts™ Doll
    And her pretty accessories!
    EVER AFTER HIGH™ Lizzie Hearts™ Doll

    well gotta go! Bye!


    Hey! Long time no see! well I can't do much for this post but...........5 days till fall!!!!!! Woot woot! And where I live, it is already starting to get chilly! the week before last it was freezing! And last Tuesday m sister made pumpkin pie!!!! and last night we had apple cider! is good.....:)
    Okay so I don't have much as in a subject to talk about for this post so I need your help with the last few CTA posts!
    BTW-my mom said I should start an etsy shop and sell doll clothes and such so what do you think?
    Well that's all for ow! Bye!

    Friday, September 12, 2014


    Hello!!! I'm back! And over here it is COLD!!!! Almost freezing! But like I said autumn and winter are my favorite seasons so  I love it! So where are we now?........11 days till autumn!!!! so we are gonna be focusing our utmost attention on.......trees! Now some of you are probably thinking 'what?Trees? Is this girl crazy or something?' But in my family trees are a very important part of autumn. And they are so beautiful! And raking them and jumping in them is so fun!
    So here we go!
    Ah! The red is STUNNING!

    Look at that! The mix of those colors is amazing! and the lake looks gorgeous!

    Ah! I'd love to get a book and climb on up and I could sit there for hours!

    Wow! look at the sun reflecting on those color mixed trees! country road looks so pretty with the leaves...

    Hmm...look at that orange color and the light coming through it!

    Ooh....look at the woods with those trees! it it so pretty!

    Well I hope you liked it! I'll be back as soon as I can for more! Bye!
          Your friend-
                              Adelaide R.