Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year 2016! +100 post!

Hey guys! so wow it's the leap year again! Here is a little picture I did on the computer's paint :)

Well This is the last time till 2020! I'll be 19 by then! Exciting and a bit scary if you know what I mean :)
Also I believe this is my 100 post! I mean for me that's cool! So yeah...
Here is a picture from paint that I made for it :)
Now I think that on my blogger dashboard it says I have 100 posts, but a few of them might be drafts :) But it's my 100th post all the same :D LOL
Well thanks for reading! And Happy leap year!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

What I recently bought :) +30% off some star wars items!

So I'd been saving my money and stuff and then I get an email from and it said some star wars clothing items were 30% off! I was; "Hey Emma! We need to take advantage of this!" So we scraped together some cash and splurged and bought two Ahsoka Tano hoodie/tunics. one for each of us :)
The usual price was $40 bucks each but since it was on sale it was $34 (plus tax and shipping) which is a purty good deal for us since we were trying to figure out how and when we'd be able to get them.
So yeah I think the sale is open till 2/25-2/28. So if you want some cool (and a bit limited) star wars girl clothing merch then hurry! (btw-when we bought our Ahsoka tunics the only size left was a 16)
Here is a stock photo for it's totally and very adorableness :)
Ahsoka Costume Youth Tunic
and who knows..I might use this for a Halloween costume this year..It'd make the costume planning way more easier than last year's..And I love Ahsoka! So yeah..Who knows..
They also have a cute Sabine wren (from star wars rebels <3) tunic/hoodie, for young girls and adults. It's very cute but my sister and I never cared for her character for some reason..we actually kind of hate her..unless she does a great thing, but until then my sister and I will keep on pretending to plan out her death :D
Well thanks for reading! and taking your wonderful time to listen to my ranting on about how much I love star wars rebels, ahsoka and hating on Sabine..I don't know why but she is just not my type, but hey! to each his own right? :)
CYA later! And as soon as the tunic/hoodies (I'm gonna call them Hunics :) Okay as soon as the hunics get in my sister and I will do a joint review! Stay tuned!

      May the force be with you! :D LOL
                   -Adelaide (or Adero Fokan as the star wars name generator told me :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Animals I've been loving recently :)

Time for an animal post!!!! I love animals! (don't we all? :) I thought I'd talk to you about all my recent favorite animals!
(these aren't in any order necessarily :)

  1.  Sea Turtles. Agh!!!! They're so cute!!! they remind me of bigger ladybugs :) When I was little my dad would find turtles from the park when he'd be out walking and would bring them home for us to play with for a day or two before he'd return them home. (Last time I saw one around here was in our backyard which out in the country...but maybe he came from the lake that's close by..I don't know :)Sea Turtle, Swimming Underwater, Nosy Be, North Madagascar Photographic Wall Art Print Life Underwater Sea Turtle 12 x 12 Paper Baby green sea turtle swimming in a tropical paradise Photographic Wall Art Print 
  2. Wolves!!!!! I love wolves so much even if they're dangerous and wild but I love them so much! We have coyotes here where I live but I've never seen one yet even though late at night I have close calls with them :)  They're so beautiful and majestic! Even though their howls are kind blood chilling :) Illinois preps for possibility of wolf population Grey Wolves Showing Fur Colour Variation, (Canis Lupus) Photographic Wall Art Print Wolf Pictures - The Searching WolfAMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL WOLF HYBRID PUPS FOR SALE
  3. Tigers! They are beautiful, scary, majestic, dangerous, smart and so cool!..That sounded a bit weird :)Image result for tigers animal Image result for tigers animalImage result for tigers animal 
  4. Parrots! They are so beautiful! One time about six years ago, my family and I went to Tennessee to a cool place called Parrot Mountain and it was full of parrots, we got to feed them and one of spoke in Spanish! That place was so so cool! I'd love to go again sometime! Image result for parrots Image result for parrots
  5. Foxes! They are so little and cute and red! (sometimes :) They make cute little sounds too! :) Image result for foxes Image result for foxesImage result for foxes
  6. Pandas!!!! They are so cute and big, and are like little dumplings :) Image result for pandasImage result for pandas Image result for pandasImage result for pandas
  7. Lynxes, cheetahs, and black panthers.                                                                                  Image result for lynxImage result for cheetahsImage result for black panthers animal 
  8.  Chameleons!                                                                                                              Image result for chameleons Image result for chameleonsImage result for chameleons
  9. Chickens! :)                                                                                                Image result for chickensImage result for chickens Image result for chickens
  10. Margay cats are pretty cute!                                                                                  Image result for margay cat Image result for margay catImage result for margay cat
  11. bob cats                                                                                                                        Image result for bobcatsImage result for bobcats
  12. Iguanas! I saw a lot of these in mexico about eight years ago!                    Image result for iguanasImage result for iguanas Image result for iguanas
  13. Owls!                                                                                                                         Image result for owlsImage result for owlsImage result for owls Image result for owlsImage result for owlsImage result for owls 
  14. Eagles!                                                                                                                            Image result for eaglesImage result for eaglesImage result for eagles
  15. Deers and moose!                                                                                                                         Image result for deersImage result for moose
  16. Clydesdale horses!                                                                                            Image result for clydesdale horsesImage result for clydesdale horsesImage result for clydesdale horses Image result for clydesdale horses Image result for clydesdale horses
 Well that's most of my favorite animals! But that's not all of them :) Thanks for reading and God bless!
(BTW- Sorry that the writing and the pictures look weird  :)