Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hello again.
I've been surfing the web and such and I recently have been wanting to get a Nintendo 3ds because I wanted some sort of game system to use and I've been wanting to play some of the Pokemon games out there. (Mario and others as well) I watch the Pokemon show and such, but I never got to play any of the Pokemon games.
So I searched the web and of course went to and they have lots of consoles, but I know that ebay can be scammy so I wanted to get a new unopened 3ds and I found two I like. I also didn't want to spend $200+ so I found these two at around $160+ so I'm gonna be saving up for one of those...One is lime green and one is Hello Kitty....Which one...
Also I've been wanting to get an amiibo figure so that I could play with my younger siblings who have a Wii u.
So I also found a Rosalina and Pikachu amiibo that are around $12.99.

Does anyone have advice on Nintendo 3ds and amiibos in general. If so please let me know.

Thanks for reading!!!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

A week ago I finally saw the Star Wars Rogue One movie at my dad's......For some stupid reason I didn't think I would like it all that much. I thought I wouldn't care if I saw it or not...(This is coming from a super geeky star wars girl :)
So we sat down to watch it and as soon as the beginning credits started, I started getting interested.
I fell in love with this movie. I love everything about it! The characters, the sets, the music, the story, how it all ties in and goes together. I love stories like that.
Not a lot I can say about this movie because there aren't enough words to describe it.

Thanks for reading this short and rant of a post.

PS. Everyone next month (May 4th) is Star Wars day!!!!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

What up?!! + random rantings

 Hello! How are ya?! It's been quite a while. And no, sadly I do not have an interesting post today. Just posting a few pics before I get to drawing a bit.

Here is my adorable One Piece Chopper funko Pop! He is so cute!
Displaying 20170408_113305.jpg

And a recent picture of me after getting my hair trimmed yesterday.
Displaying 20170408_113509.jpg

But yeah, Not much is going on right now, just working, doing school, church and stuff.
But warm weather is coming! Today is like 70 degrees!
I went to my dad's last night and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Brave, and Frozen, my siblings played their video games, we had pizza, snacks, and for breakfast we had waffles <3

Welp, CYA!