Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Haul 2015!

Hey everyone! Did ya have a good Christmas?! Well I did! I thought I'd make follow the trend of making a 'Christmas haul' post!
Disclaimer: I'm not trying to show off what I got, I'm not trying to be selfish or prideful or anything like that. I just make a post about it....
Now lets go! (BTW-I do not own these pictures, they belong to the store website and the internet)

Monster high Isi dawndancer (from my aunts)
Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood Doll
Ever after high Spring unsprung Cerise hood (from my sister Emma :)
Ever After High Poppy O'Hair Fairest on Ice
Ever after high fairest on ice Poppy O'hair (from my mom)

Ever after high through the woods Ashlynn Ella (also from my mom)
Disney Infinity 3.0 Ezra Bridger game-piece figure (from my mom)

Ninja throwing stars (real ones :) (From my dad) pic of this soon!

A HUGE camo rucksack <3 (from my dad) pic of this soon!

a black neoprene mask fit for all weather (from my dad) pic of this soon!

A Harry Potter beanie (my oldest sister)

A Harry Potter funko pop! (from my oldest sister)
Mickey Mouse ''Tsum Tsum'' Plush - Mini - 3 1/2''
A Mickey mouse (mini) Tsum tsum (from my older sister) (Mine wasn't winking though :)

A pair of gray and coral running shoes (from my grandma) (I'll get a pic of this soon!)

A gray and coral active-wear hoodie (from my grandma) pic of this soon!

Shopkins! (from my littlest sister, my little brother, my mom, and my grandma!) pic of this soon!

Lots of Karaoke music (from my older brother) pic of this soon!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii (from my mom) pic of this soon!

The homelanders books (from my mom) pic of this soon!

A Nerf gun (I'm going to try to paint it to make it look old and rusty :) (from my mom)

a pair of leg brace thingys (like the ones Envy from full metal alchemist, (he was the ONLY person I know of besides wrath that I've seen wear those..I love 'em! (And they are from my grandma) pic of this soon!

Jewelry (from my youngest sister that she made ) pic of this soon!

Perfume (I'll probably wear it when I'm older :) (from my aunts) pic of this soon!

a black pencil case (from my aunts) pic of this soon!

chalk pastels (from my younger brother) pic of this soon!

So Yeah..That's my haul! What do you think? What'd you get for Christmas?
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Last day of the Christmas Challenge!

AAH!!!!! It's here! And it's the last day of the Christmas challenge! :( It's been fun! Wow! I've ACTUALLY finished a 24 day challenge! Yay! This is an accomplishment for me you guys!


Last but not least! The 24th and final day!
24. Christmas Eve! Leave some carrots for the reindeer and cookies for Santa! Pshaw. You're not too old.
Well..I'll have to ask my dad because we'll be at his house..maybe he'll say yes..But he taught us when I was little that Santa wasn't this could be interesting :)

Well Merry Christmas eve! Happy Holidays! Happy Birthday Jesus! and Happy December 24th! (If you don't celebrate Christmas!)
Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015


AHHH!!! Oh my goodness! Tomorrow is Christmas eve! and the day after that is Christmas! Tomorrow is my last day of the Christmas Challenge!!!!! I can't believe it's already here! Are you excited? I'm very very very very VERY excited! Yes yes yes yes yes! (you're probably like; Addy is going CRAZY! She needs help! :) That, my friend is because I am (as my dad calls it) a Christmas freak! And though I sound crazy! It's okay to be a Christmas freak, where you want everyone to be happy, be pumped up and such! Besides..It's Jesus's birthday! And that's why I'm gonna be even crazier! I'm excited! And I hope you are too! (I also hope I didn't scare you of the face of my blog! :)
So so so so! yay!!!!! I think I should do the Christmas challenge now!


                    23. Did you decorate your room? Share a picture!
                   Um..I'm not gonna be able to (sorry!) maybe like after Christmas? Sorry about that...

Well....tomorrow is the last day of the Christmas Challenge..:( so far it's been fun! Well thanks for taking the time to read this! Merry Christmas!

The big bad writers tag

Hello! How was your day so far? Mine was busy busy busy! we did a Christmas party for our daycare and that was sooo busy.
So I'm not gonna do my Christmas challenge yet..maybe tonight when I can use my sister's phone :)
But on a very awesome blog I found a tag and the girl there said everyone could do it. This is her blog name;
And she had this tag on it and it was for writers and I'm a bit of a writer myself so I thought well shoot! I think I'll do it! :) So here goes!
Um..Whatever food I'm eating at that time of day..usually dinnertime, but I ALWAYS drink water or carrot juice (If I have it :)

my spotify account or playlists on YouTube, which is usually like OSTs from Anime's that I watch (which are awesome!) or minecraft music :) or..others like; Owl city, fall out boy or any other band that I like.

When I have something else on my mind.

Um...accidentally erasing like 5 pages of my writing....That was before I discovered the 'undo' button :)

I sigh a sigh of relief....or squeal and all my siblings in the room look at me..and I like; 'Oh nothing'.

Only when I randomly talking to one of my siblings....I don't really have a writing crew..

Hmm...Well I've never 'successfully' finished a novel or secret to any success is visualization..I Always picture it as a movie! But! That is also my flaw :)

Music, quotes, movies, books, and such..

What I do that annoys me is when I want to write but I can't hence the name; writer's block.

Ooh...Yay! (squeals :) Be write back (get it? Okay never mind :)
This story kinda based from fan-fiction, but the rest is what I made up myself, but I'm only showing you tiny bit! Hope you like it! and let me know what you think of it!
(This is the main character's grandfather speaking) 
“Okay from the beginning. or as they say in the movie, once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there was a couple, who adopted a little boy, this boy was what you’d call ‘force sensitive.”

Hope you liked it! I'll try to update my Christmas challenge ASAP!
Bye bye for now!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Christmas Challenge day 22

Hello! 3 days till Christmas!!!!! Yay! So so so..Time for the Christmas Challenge day 22!


22. Comment a Christmas Greeting using a code name on a new blog..
I won't be able to do this one....

So how was your day? I've been cleaning the house with my sister..not much..
but I'm feeling real star wars-ish so I must do something about it (like draw a picture or listen to music or something)
Thanks for reading (though it wasn't much to read :)


Monday, December 21, 2015

I really really really really want to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Like really really bad..My fan-girling for star wars is really kicking really bad...I can't wait to see it!
Thanks for reading! (though it wasn't much to read) BTW- Soon I'll have a post about my star wars rebels character Tawnya, and what is and what might be happening to her in the future season 3 (season 2 looks like it's almost done)

The Christmas Challenge day 21

Hello! How was your day? Mine was busy busy busy! I've been baking Christmas foods, while my older sisters wrap and now I have to find some nice clothes for me and my siblings to wear to a Christmas buffet on Christmas day! so yeah..pretty busy.

So I also must do today's Christmas challenge and we are on day 21!


    21. Candy canes-yay or nay? Why?
   YAY!!!! Because I love ANYTHING mint as long as it doesn't have coconut (yuck) and candy canes are peppermint which makes it even better! (though I honestly don't know what the difference is) So yeah I love candy canes! And I can't wait to have more!!!! BTW- interesting fact :) Every time I eat or drink something mint..I sneeze sometimes like..three times! And it's so funny because my sister Emma knows whenever I sneeze :) Don't know why I do but yeah....Oh yeah! 4 days till Christmas!

Well thanks for reading!!!! and merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Christmas Challenge day 20!

Ahh!!!! Christmas has really snuck upon us this year! Am I right? So so so...What was I gonna say again?..Oh yeah it's in the post title...DUH......Anyways! Tonight I shall do the Christmas Challenge day 20!

20. What's on your wishlist this year?
Well...I don't have pictures but here goes!
-A Bo-staff
-The homelanders books by Andrew Klavan
-Nightmare city by Andrew Klavan
-Super Mario galaxy 2 (yes..I love that much!)
-Disney infinity 3.0 Ezra Bridger game-piece-figure-thingy :)
-coral and gray running shoes
-Anything ever after high!
-Monster high Isi dawndancer doll
So..yeah it's a lot but they wanted a variety (and there's more where that came from :)

Well thanks for reading! Have any of you seen the new star wars movie yet? If so tell me all about it in the comments (no spoilers though please! :) And 5 days till Christmas!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Christmas Challenge day 19

Hello hello hello! Time for The Christmas Challenge!


 19. Did you make any Advent resolutions?
Not that I know of..I usually only do New Year's resolutions...which will have to wait till like new year's :)

I'm giggling inside right now because I'm listening to the funniest Pokemon Christmas music! It's so funny (especially if you've watched the beginning seasons from like..15 years ago :)

thanks for reading!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Hello! I'm so excited! Today, December 18th 2015. The seventh Star wars movie comes out! I can't wait to see it! I mean The last time it came out it was like forty-something years ago! (Before my time!) Now a star wars movie comes out in my lifetime!? I have to say I'm pretty proud to be in this generation.
Imagine saying to your kids in a couple twenty years and saying; "Yup kids, when I was fifteen years old (or whatever age you are :) the seventh star wars movie came out! And it was the year in 2015 when star wars merchandise probably sold the best" :)
I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I'll probably have to wait to see it though because they'll probably be sold out in theaters for like two-three weeks (I'm only estimating :)
Anyways! I don't know the exact story plot but I'll have to find out.
Oh! BTW-6 days till Christmas!!!!!!!
And here is today's day for the Christmas Challenge!


 18. Write what Christmas sounds like.
Hmm...Jingle bells, silence when it snows, loud! tearing wrapping paper, coughs :) carols, crunching snow, and angels :)

Today is also my mom's birthday :) (lucky for her birthday to be on the star wars movie release date :) Anyways! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Well thanks for reading! May the force be with you and Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Catching up on the Christmas Challenge and..SNOW!!!

Hello! Sorry I haven't been posting my Christmas Challenge in a while, things have been a bit busy. so now time to catch  up!
Where were we?...Oh yes!


12. Do something for someone you usually talk talk to.
Well I'm normally a shy and quiet person and try not to talk to strangers, but my mom and I were Christmas shopping today and I held a door open for someone at gordman's, I cleaned out some trash out of a shopping cart at Target and I've been trying to notice other people and compliment their hair or clothing; like today I complimented a girl's hair which really pretty and curly (I also like dreads and cornrow hairstyle quite a bit :)

13. Selfie Or Groupie
Um..I don't have a phone or anything to do that sister does groupies with me and my younger sister though.

14. Design and draw your own Christmas tree
Well I drew it..I haven't colored it yet, maybe I can put it up sometime, but it looks like a green, nerdy, geeky, and pretty type of tree.

15. Write what Christmas smells like
Peppermint, pine trees, wrapping paper, gingerbread, chilly outside, Warm fireplace, wood, and cough drops :)

16.Fuzzy socks or sweaters?
Both! Because fuzzy socks are..well fuzzy! And sweaters are warm and comfy!

17.Quote Buddy the Elf loudly in public
"I'm singing! I'm in a store!" Yeah..I did that at home..

So that's all for now! BTW-My mom's birthday is tomorrow and..It's snowing a tiny bit where I live and I've been waiting so long so yay!!!!!
Have a blessed day! And Merry Christmas!!!!


Monday, December 14, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Christmas Challenge Day 11

Hey all! Whassup? Last night we did a birthday party for my youngest brother Ben, the theme was minions and it was pretty cute, so he is six years old now..He was super surprised and he'd been waiting all year for this.
Anyways now for the Christmas Challenge Day 11!


                 11. Picture of your tree.
             Well..I'm waiting for my older sister to snap a pic of our tree with her a minute...hours later...Finally!!!! yay! She took a picture and just sent it to me! Here it is! Looks about the same as last year's but we added a few things to it.


There! Ain't it pretty? And look look look there are some presents already! :) XD.
Anyways! Hope you enjoyed my post! CYA! And Merry Christmas!!!!

                               Displaying 20151211_171502.jpgDisplaying 20151211_171502.jpg

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Christmas Challenge day 10

                             Hello Everyone! whassup!  Here is The Christmas Challenge day 10!


                                       10. Have you been good this year? Be honest now..
                               Um...Well I think I was pretty good this year...Like half and half? :)

Well that's all for now! Oh! BTW-I started a doll blog! There isn't much on there yet but yeah....It's called;

 Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Christmas Challenge Day 9

Hello! Today we did another project with our daycare kids! We used yarn and cereal to make a fruit loops cereal garland for the tree! It was really fun! Last night I also worked on my Christmas list for my mom and finished it! (Shocker :) My other two sisters haven't finished yet, But they should hurry don't you think? :)
Anyways!!! Now for..Yup you guessed it; The Christmas Challenge day 9!!!!!


                                          9. Elves or Reindeer? Why?
                Hmm....I like both, Maybe reindeer...Yeah I choose Reindeer, because it depends on what type of elf we're talking about :) I like fantasy elves a bit better than short Santa elves (No offense Elves!!!!!)

So...What are your plans for Christmas?
Well I guess I'll see you later! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Christmas challenge day 8

Hello hello hello! how are you today! Not much going on right now, we did a Christmas activity today with the kids in my mom's daycare, yesterday we made salt dough 'cookies', now today we're painting them and then tomorrow we'll put 'em up on the 'daycare' tree in the basement. The kids are so cute! :) Anyways! now to continue the Christmas challenge!


                                                        8. Do you believe in Santa?
                      Um..well my whole life I was taught he wasn't real, but last year I thought it
       wouldn't hurt to pretend that I did. :) I always wanted to when I was little though, like I missed out on a bit of my childhood not being able to write to him or sit on his lap, but other than that I'm okay :) right? XD

So yeah...I guess that's it for now! And......MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas challenge

I think I'll do a Christmas challenge, (though I'm like a week late :) but I'll catch up (hopefully) but no pictures 'cause that problem hasn't been fixed yet :) Well let's get started!


1. favorite Christmas tradition
Um..well one of my favorite Christmas tradition is; Christmas eve, because we go to our relatives house (on my dad's side) and have Cuban food, talk and play games in their basement, then...drumroll..PRESENTS (how selfish I am :) yes presents, then we leave and go home, (all my siblings will be there :) we'll get red and white striped PJs on, my mom will set up a tea party on a table that has suddenly shrunk now that we're all grown-ish. After the tea party we sing carols, say what we like best about the sibling next to us. Then we go to the basement and pick out a colorful flavored candy cane (we have about 5 trees at home :) from the basement tree, then we go to the biggest bedroom in the house (usually the boys room or me and my sister's room, this year it's our room :) and we all sleep there. Then...Christmas morning!
This year will be slightly different because I'll be spending Christmas eve night at my dad's and then on December 26th we do our Christmas eve at home.

2. favorite Christmas movie
hmm...the Grinch that stole Christmas (the animated version :) and little drummer boy.

3. favorite Christmas cookie
Um..well I don't really have a favorite, so I'll just list the sweets we make; Peanut butter cookies, snicker doodles, sugar cookies, cannoli, cream puffs, gingerbread, peanut butter truffles, mocha truffles (these are so YUMMY), chocolate chip cookies, etc.

4. write a short poem about the true meaning of Christmas
Snowflakes falling
presents wrapped
Merrymakers calling
with mittens and snow caps
Love and joy spreading with cheer
loud enough for all to hear
None of this would be
without the love
And sacrifice for you and me
many times we've forgotten
About the truth of this great season
about a babe in swaddling clothes
Being here for a reason so we would know
of his great love for our sins and sorrows
Let us not forget
of this great gift we all can get
Just look up to the sky at night
to see the bright and shining star
That brought three wise men from afar
to see the babe, king of kings
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
(I was hoping it'd be shorter :)

5. favorite Christmas carol
Um..'The First Noel'

6. favorite Christmas pin
I don't do pinterest

7. hot cocoa or eggnog? Why?
eggnog, because it's so creamy, and it goes with just about anything.

Well that's all for now! Bye!
And Merry Christmas!!!!


Hello! so our internet closed down, but after about a month! We finally got it back today!!!! Yay!!!!!!