Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017! +Christmas haul!

Hello Hello Hello!!! Happy New Year 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful 2016!

Note; I'm not in any way trying to brag about what I got for Christmas at all.

Now on with the post!

So I still have that problem with that camera so I'll just have to show you the online ones.

Note: I do not own these pictures.

First me and my younger siblings went to my dad's Christmas eve and stayed till 10am Christmas day, here is the haul
First an 'It's an anime thing you wouldn't understand' hoodie, I've been wanting one of these for so long now once I started getting obsessed with anime so this was perfect!

Medium Black Adult It's An Anime Thing You Wouldn't Understand Sweatshirt Hoodie

I also got a key-chain from the anime 'One Piece' which me and my younger sister are currently watching, I'm obsessed with it :) We're in the alabasta arc right now so please no spoilers :) The key-chain is the straw hat skull and crossbones.
One Piece: Luffy Logo Pvc Keychain ~ Luffy's Jolly Roger Straw Hat Pirates Logo

My dad said my last gift from him is still being mailed to him, so I won't get it till next week :) Also he and my aunt gave me and my younger siblings money to shop sometime later.

At my house we did our Christmas eve on Christmas day and the next day was Christmas!!! Here is what I got!
The master guide to drawing anime by Christopher Hart

I also got a 'One Piece' chopper funko pop!!!! I love him so much! He is so cute!
Funko POP Anime: One Piece Chopper Action Figure
AND LOOK LOOK LOOK! I got American Girl's Lea Clark's messenger bag for girls from my younger sister!!!! I've been wanting it all year! It's so awesome!!!!!! I attached my one piece key-chain to it :)
Image result for lea clark messenger bag
I got a sketchbook from my sister, (I can't find the picture for it :) but the front cover is white for a dry erase marker :)
From my mom I got lime green (which is a favorite color of mine) high top converse and I love them!
Image result for lime green high top converse
I also got ugg boots from my mom as well! I'd been wanting to get a pair for this winter:)
Image result for ugg boots

Now, I haven't seen sword art online yet but my sister got me this t-shirt and I think it's pretty cool :)
Sword Art Online Kirito & Asuna T-Shirt, , hi-res

My older sister got me this black sweater with Pokemon 'sewn on' patches of pikachu, squirtle, bulbasaur, charmander and the pokeball it's so cute and comfy but I can't find a picture of it :(
Speaking of comfy, my grandma got me and my younger and older sisters new comforter sets! I haven't had one in like 7 years, I had that hot pink leopard one which I loved but I needed a new one :)
It's so comfy, it's white so that I can get pillows and bedspreads so that everything matches, and it's a down-filled comforter!

Me, my younger sister and my older sister got a PS4 from my mom and brother! It's awesome! I'm going to convince my older sister to download crunchyroll so I can watch anime in my room :)
My other older brother got us a gaming computer that he customized himself because he is a computer genius, both he and my other older brother. we've been playing terraria on it with him so it's pretty awesome.
My little sister got me and my other younger sister a shopkins set. My younger brother got me a little kit with like nail clippers and stuff :)
But yeah, I think that's it. I'm very grateful and thankful for what I got. Thanks family! :D

I'm excited this year because I can get my permit and license for driving, and start doing martial arts and gymnastics! Which I've been waiting so long to do! I'm also going to learn Spanish and Japanese. I've also been learning how to draw anime slowly but surely which I've been wanting to do since I was little :)

So what are your plans for this year? Are you excited about 2017?

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year 2017!