Friday, March 27, 2015

star wars rebels Randomness again :)

Hello! How are ya!?
Almost a month ago I watched the season 1 finale of star wars rebels, It was awesome! I'm not gonna say anything for the sake of spoiling:) But it was a good ending to the first season,  I heard somewhere that season 2 might start in April. (I hope that rumor is true! :)
My hopes for season 2:
-More episodes!
-More of Ahsoka Tano!
-Maybe a larger rebel group, introduce more permanent characters
-Perhaps a relationship with Hera and Kanan? :)
-For Ezra to grow up and stop his annoying crush on Sabine! :)
-maybe appearances from more popular characters?
-And more stuff that I honestly can't remember :)

Well I gotta go and play Minecraft! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's day!

                                               Hello! Happy Saint Patrick's day!

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I love Saint Patrick's day because Green is one of my most favorite colors! And because I'm half Irish!
So today my mom and my siblings have been cleaning the garage, and our phone rings and it's my sister in law, and she tells me to be ready in about 40 minutes, because the night before she asked me in an email about taking me somewhere.
So I got ready and in about an hour she drove up and she took me to the Powell gardens in Missouri,
It was beautiful! The conservatory this month was having these beautiful blue butterflies from Costa rica for only a limited time,  and they were beautiful!!!!!
After that we went to McDonald's and both got their Saint Patrick's day shamrock shake special. It was Delicious! and it was mint green (I love mint :)
So that was pretty much my day,  Are you Irish? If so then comment down below, Bye!
Happy Saint Patrick's day!!!!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Randomness...again :)

So I've recently gotten into Star wars! Surprise!...Not :) So I've been able to see a few episodes of the clone wars with my sister Emma and I like them. Of course you probably already know my favorite character on there :)....DUH! Ahsoka Tano!
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 At first I didn't like her, then I saw more and more of her and I really like her a lot! I'm really hoping for an appearance of her on star wars rebels! She is so cool!
Anyways! I'm excited for the star wars rebels season one finale! I hope there are many more seasons to come!
Songs I've been loving recently:
Angel with a shotgun. (with ahsoka tano music video :)
Calling all the monsters.
one woman army

So yeah....:) loving star wars right now, I'm working on something for Tawnya, her custom doll is almost finished, and I'm working on her real story that shows everything that actually happened.
Thanks for reading! and...May the force be with you! :) (giggles :) Yeah anyways....Bye CYA later!
PS. please comment down below if you like star wars clone wars or rebels or whatever :)