Tuesday, November 25, 2014

KITTY CHESHIRE!!!!! + WHAT?!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! I was surfing the web when on Amazon I saw an ever after high KITTY CHESHIRE DOLL!!!!!!!
Here is her picture: She is so cute and catty! :) My sister really wants to get her.

But look what else I found!!!!!! YAY!!!! I'm so glad that they have another doll for POPPY!!! I really really want to get her! And she is so cute! BTW- you can find all of these ones on amazon.


WHAT!!!! New play-sets!!!! And look at Lizzie  Hearts play-set!  It is so cute!


I'm really liking Raven's.....

Hopefully the price will go down so that I can get them....I'm kind of disappointed that They haven't had a new Raven doll..... :(But now that Kitty is here then maybe Melody Piper will soon come (I really want her! ) Well that's all for now! Bye!
-Adelaide R.

PS. Sorry that I didn't include they're titles, I was way too excited!

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  1. BTW- I just heard that in 2015 (maybe) that Duchess swan is coming out! Ginger bread-crumbs (I have no idea who she is :) And something about ever after high spring unspring dolls.