Thursday, December 11, 2014

I got tagged!

Hey! I got tagged by the wonderful Lydia from!!!!! Thanks so much Lydia!!!! Okay so this tag is called; winter wasteland tag! so here are the rules!
Here are the rules:
  • Share 5-15 things that you like to do in the winter
  • Tag 5-10 people                       

    So here are the 15 things I like about winter!
    1. I love snow!
    2. Hot cocoa and Christmas cookies!
    3. Being able to use the fireplace! :)
    4. Eat fudge (homemade!), also homemade peanut brittle! snicker-doodles! And lots more yummy Christmas (unhealthy :) treats!!!!
    5. Saving up ALL my money to buy my family presents
    6. Listen to Christmas music!
    7. staying up really late to watch Christmas movies!
    8. Wearing warm and cozy things!!!!
    9. The smell of wrapping paper!!!!!
    10. getting freaked out about how close Christmas gets!!!!
    11. Watering the...tree.....:)
    12. Gingerbread houses!!!!
    13. The....Coyotes...Howl more in the winter here.....:)
    14. Making my dolls warmer clothes
    15. Jesus's birthday! 
    I nominate;
    Miss Dashwood
    Hope you liked it! Merry Christmas!

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