Saturday, August 9, 2014

Planes fire and rescue movie review

I just went to the theater with my siblings to see Disney's 'Planes fire and rescue' and I decided to do a review about so here goes! 

Planes Fire & Rescue - Watch the Trailer

I got this picture from the Disney store website.  I thought this was better than the first one because the first one was exactly like the first 'cars' movie so this one was a lot better. 
I liked how this was based on what people really do to stop fires.
Sometimes I didn't like when Dusty wouldn't listen to Blade when Blade gave him instructions to do something.
But they had some good humor which was pretty funny. But sometimes when they make a second movie barely after the first then the story plot is lacking a lot. And they didn't work very hard on the characters or their back stories. But oh well. But it's not about my opinion it's about yours too and how you thought of it so tell me what you thought of this movie in a comment below. 
So it was pretty good but not the kind of movie that would have me at the edge of my seat.
So I hope you liked it!

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