Thursday, August 28, 2014


Well now they launched the beforever line, so I haven't read the books for them yet but I saw them online and It's not very.....good? Okay so this is my opinion but tell me yours in a comment below too!.......

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         Kaya                      Caroline                  Josefina                   Addy                       Samantha

       Rebecca                    Kit                            Julie
  Below are outfits for the historical girls in a modern version.

                           Kaya                                                   Caroline

                   Josefina                                                        Addy

                    Samantha                                                       Rebecca

Kit                                                                           Julie

There isn't much I like about this new doll release except that Samantha is back.

What I don't like about it: I think they changed their stories, the pictures on the books don't look right or original like the ones before, the doll's clothes are a bit right for their time period, and Samantha's dress color which is pink (I know it's pretty) is wrong because in that time pink was a boy's color.

The girl size outfits I like: I'm really liking Julie's outfit for girls, Kaya's and Josefina's outfits are pretty cute too!
So though I don't really care for the new beforever, I do like the outfits for girls, but now all their fun games and things like that will be gone. But Oh well....sigh....I guess I can't win them all. :) But for those of you who do like beforever (I'm not trying to offend you!!!!:) thumbs up! You all can tell me what you think y commenting below. Bye!!

Yours truly for ever after

                            Adelaide the Rebel :)

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