Sunday, March 1, 2015

Randomness...again :)

So I've recently gotten into Star wars! Surprise!...Not :) So I've been able to see a few episodes of the clone wars with my sister Emma and I like them. Of course you probably already know my favorite character on there :)....DUH! Ahsoka Tano!
                                          Image result for ahsoka tano
 At first I didn't like her, then I saw more and more of her and I really like her a lot! I'm really hoping for an appearance of her on star wars rebels! She is so cool!
Anyways! I'm excited for the star wars rebels season one finale! I hope there are many more seasons to come!
Songs I've been loving recently:
Angel with a shotgun. (with ahsoka tano music video :)
Calling all the monsters.
one woman army

So yeah....:) loving star wars right now, I'm working on something for Tawnya, her custom doll is almost finished, and I'm working on her real story that shows everything that actually happened.
Thanks for reading! and...May the force be with you! :) (giggles :) Yeah anyways....Bye CYA later!
PS. please comment down below if you like star wars clone wars or rebels or whatever :)

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