Friday, March 27, 2015

star wars rebels Randomness again :)

Hello! How are ya!?
Almost a month ago I watched the season 1 finale of star wars rebels, It was awesome! I'm not gonna say anything for the sake of spoiling:) But it was a good ending to the first season,  I heard somewhere that season 2 might start in April. (I hope that rumor is true! :)
My hopes for season 2:
-More episodes!
-More of Ahsoka Tano!
-Maybe a larger rebel group, introduce more permanent characters
-Perhaps a relationship with Hera and Kanan? :)
-For Ezra to grow up and stop his annoying crush on Sabine! :)
-maybe appearances from more popular characters?
-And more stuff that I honestly can't remember :)

Well I gotta go and play Minecraft! :)


  1. Hi Addy! I nominated you for another award!