Sunday, April 12, 2015

I got nominated!!!!

So you can tell by the post title that I apparently got nominated. And I got nominated by the wonderful and awesome GUINEA PIG LOVER!!!!!!!! Yay!!! Thanks so much!!!! Her blog is so check it out please, because it's great!
Now for the rules!!!:
-Answer the questions
-nominate others
-make up your own questions (I love doing that! :)
-comment on other people's blogs telling them they got nominated.
-include the picture in your post.

I nominate:
-the dolls
 I know it's only five people but..,yeah..

Now for the questions!:

  • What is your favorite food? This includes sweets. ;) :Um...I love fruits and veggies! 
  • What song do you listen to all the time?: Um...probably night-core's version of 'Angel with a shotgun' I love that song right now!!!!
  • Polka dots, hearts, or chevron?: Chevron or if I could...Aztec.
  • Do you do different hairstyles with your hair?: Yeah I used to, now my bangs grew out and I want to cut it maybe shoulder length this time.
  • What was your favorite birthday gift you have ever received?: Last year I got these really nice headphones from Justice and they're awesome! And they are blue with sparkly unicorns on them :) 
  • When did you last wash your hands?: When I went to the bathroom which was a few hours ago :)
  • Do you bake? If so, what is your favorite recipe?: um..sweet potato pudding! 
  • Coke or Pepsi?: None...I don't drink coke at all anymore. 
  • Converse or heels?: Um...duh...Addy here. I (I'm sorry to say this to you fashionistas who may be reading this) but I hate heels so yeah converse :)
So thanks so much /guinea pig lover for nominating me!!!
Here are your questions:
- Do you like neon socks or pastel socks?
-If you had $100,000 what would you do with it?
-biggest dream ever?
-bananas or apples?
-Are you a rebel or a royal? :)
-ever had problems with the Internet? 



  1. Thanks for the nomination, but I've already done a post since I was nominated before (thus explains why I wouldn't do it again). I really appreciate you thinking of me!

    1. That's okay! Thanks for letting me know! :)