Thursday, February 25, 2016

What I recently bought :) +30% off some star wars items!

So I'd been saving my money and stuff and then I get an email from and it said some star wars clothing items were 30% off! I was; "Hey Emma! We need to take advantage of this!" So we scraped together some cash and splurged and bought two Ahsoka Tano hoodie/tunics. one for each of us :)
The usual price was $40 bucks each but since it was on sale it was $34 (plus tax and shipping) which is a purty good deal for us since we were trying to figure out how and when we'd be able to get them.
So yeah I think the sale is open till 2/25-2/28. So if you want some cool (and a bit limited) star wars girl clothing merch then hurry! (btw-when we bought our Ahsoka tunics the only size left was a 16)
Here is a stock photo for it's totally and very adorableness :)
Ahsoka Costume Youth Tunic
and who knows..I might use this for a Halloween costume this year..It'd make the costume planning way more easier than last year's..And I love Ahsoka! So yeah..Who knows..
They also have a cute Sabine wren (from star wars rebels <3) tunic/hoodie, for young girls and adults. It's very cute but my sister and I never cared for her character for some reason..we actually kind of hate her..unless she does a great thing, but until then my sister and I will keep on pretending to plan out her death :D
Well thanks for reading! and taking your wonderful time to listen to my ranting on about how much I love star wars rebels, ahsoka and hating on Sabine..I don't know why but she is just not my type, but hey! to each his own right? :)
CYA later! And as soon as the tunic/hoodies (I'm gonna call them Hunics :) Okay as soon as the hunics get in my sister and I will do a joint review! Stay tuned!

      May the force be with you! :D LOL
                   -Adelaide (or Adero Fokan as the star wars name generator told me :)

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