Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hey all! I haven't been posting for a long time! But Here I am back from the dead.
So what has been happening since I was last here?
1. we had a slightly busy summer, this is the first summer that my mom let us have the summer off from school
2. I got a pinterest account so it so much!
3. lots of personal stuff...
Anyways! It's September! So it's time for autumn!!!! I'm so happy and excited, it's slowly starting to get cooler..And soon I can get the hoodies and the beanies out. During this time in about a few weeks I start reading Harry potter because when I first read it, it was September and so you know, it's now a tradition!
Here are some old pics from last fall that are really overdue
The day after my 15th birthday (I didn't know my sister was taking a picture of me so I'm obviously not smiling :)

Last year's Halloween costume was a wolf.

last winter in our field

In 2013-2014? we were playing Duck Dynasty. while riding bikes, we loved that show back then.

My 14th birthday was Big hero 6 themed.

I got a big hero 6 book, 

2007, in Mexico at chichen itza. I'm in the purple

Some of these were random pics but I just wanted to show them :)

But yeah I'm really excited for fall and Halloween, stores are already selling stuff for it. What are your costume ideas? 



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