Thursday, October 20, 2016

25 Harry Potter Challenge Day 20!

Ack! I've been slacking off on my posts! Sorry! Okay let's get caught up!
25 Day Harry Potter Challenge:
Day 13- Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?
RAVENCLAW!!!! I'm a ravenclaw and proud to be one. Anybody else out there that's a ravenclaw?

Day 14- What would you do if you had an invisibility cloak?
Hmm..That would mean telling my deepest darkest secrets...just teasing :) (or am I? XD) Not sure, I'm not the "break the rules" kinda person, so not anything bad really...maybe I'd go outside at night and sit and listen to the animals, or sneak and get nutella or watch Netflix or something :)

Day 15- Have you ever named a pet/something after something Harry Potter related? If so, What? If not, would you?
Well I wanted to get a big huge black dog and name it Sirius. But I can't remember if I named something specifically Harry Potter related.

Day 16- Favorite fan art/fan fic/ fan something?
Oh oh, that's hard to choose...Um well for starters, Here is some fan art from pinterest of how I imagined Sirius Black to look like (all credits to whoever made this! This is not my image, it belongs to the owner and creator of this)

And then I also love how some people re-imagined them as anime characters and I LOVED that of course, but there is too much of that fan art for me to choose :) just search it on the internet and I'm sure you'll find it :)

Day 17- Who's your Quidditch team?
The Hogwarts one..and obviously the Gryffindor one, they always win :)

Day 18- You're an animagus- What animal do you turn into? Why?
A wolf, they are strong, fast, agile and just wonderful :)

Day 19- What shape does your Patronus take?
Well, my Patronus is a grey squirrel actually :)

Day 20- One piece of Harry Potter/Hogwarts clothing/merch you have or want?
I have a black Hogwarts shirt with white stripes on the sleeves and it shows the Hogwarts crest in gold.

Well now I'm caught up! Yay! Thanks for reading! CYA!


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