Sunday, October 9, 2016

25 Day Harry Potter Challenge!

Hey all! What's up? I'm so so so so super duper excited for Halloween! Have any of you figured out your costumes yet? What are you gonna be? I'm probably going to be a care bear but I'm not sure which one. The reason that I'll probably be a care bear is because I LOVED those when I was younger.
anyways! I got off topic didn't I?
So I found this 25 day harry potter challenge and you know me..I'm CRAZY about harry potter. So I'm gonna do it! This challenge is 25 days though, instead of the usual 30-31 day challenge. So I thought that since it's October and it's 25 days in the challenge I could do the challenge til it leads up to my birthday which is the 26th. So yeah. anyways I missed like nine days of it so today I catch up!
So let's get started!
25 Day Harry Potter Challenge:
(disclaimer: I do not own this image or any of the images following. all credits go to the person who created them)
DAY 1- Favorite book?
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets! Ah, I love it so so much!
harry potter and the chamber of secrets book - Google Search

DAY 2- If you could take any class that they offer at Hogwarts, what would it be?
Defense against the dark arts and maybe potions or Herbology

DAY 3- What's your Quidditch position?
I'm not sure If I'd play Quidditch....

DAY 4- Favorite Harry Potter pick-up line?
Not sure...

DAY 5- What's your wand made of? what's the core?
Well from my pottermore account mine is Cypress wood with a unicorn hair core 10 1/4" and slightly yielding flexibility :) This is what it looks like.
Picture of wand

DAY 6- Favorite Movie?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of the fire. (so far, I haven't seen the last two yet)

DAY 7- You've graduated Hogwarts, passed your NEWTS - Now what?
I'd be either an auror or a teacher or something..

DAY 8- Severus Snape- good guy who did bad, or bad guy who did good?
Good guy who did bad.

DAY 9- Favorite Defense against the dark arts teacher?
REMUS LUPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is and was the very best!

Thanks for reading! And I hope you have a blessed day!


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