Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hello again.
I've been surfing the web and such and I recently have been wanting to get a Nintendo 3ds because I wanted some sort of game system to use and I've been wanting to play some of the Pokemon games out there. (Mario and others as well) I watch the Pokemon show and such, but I never got to play any of the Pokemon games.
So I searched the web and of course went to and they have lots of consoles, but I know that ebay can be scammy so I wanted to get a new unopened 3ds and I found two I like. I also didn't want to spend $200+ so I found these two at around $160+ so I'm gonna be saving up for one of those...One is lime green and one is Hello Kitty....Which one...
Also I've been wanting to get an amiibo figure so that I could play with my younger siblings who have a Wii u.
So I also found a Rosalina and Pikachu amiibo that are around $12.99.

Does anyone have advice on Nintendo 3ds and amiibos in general. If so please let me know.

Thanks for reading!!!


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