Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy (Late) May the 4th!!!

May the force be with you! Dang it! I missed it again (missed comic con again too :( But this time I have a good excuse....Story time!

I was at work, (it wasn't a super long shift, just a good ole 11-5) And I'm working, then five o clock comes around and I rushed out like wildfire. Although as soon as I got home, my sister and I just flopped in bed we were like: "We'll just sit in bed and not go to sleep"....Then at 9:30pm we wake up and we were feeling so disoriented. We had dinner and then went right back to bed.
I've also been feeling a bit sick since Tuesday. We had Chinese food for dinner and I don't think it settled correctly in my stomach, we then had a shake, and since then I've felt like vomiting (I haven't yet though)

Oh yeah, and I burnt myself a tiny bit recently while I was making dinner, so now I have these little pink stripes across my finger :)

But yeah that's why I wasn't able to do anything for star wars day (which is very disappointing)

Thanks for reading this useless rant.

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