Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#14 CTA (aka countdown till autumn! :)

YaY!!! 14 days (aka 2 more weeks to go!)!!!!! I'm getting super excited! my mom bought pumpkin spice candles and now our whole kitchen smells good! Now soon the days will start getting crisp and chilly! Now to start our countdown post!
Okay so today's will be about...Apples!!! As you probably already know, apples can be used for so many things! Such as...;
Caramel apples!!!!,
I just had to get another pic of caramel apples!!!,

They are super photo-genic!!!

Of course we CANNOT forget the traditional apple pie now can we?

Ah! They are so beautiful for decorations!

Scream! Ah!!!! apple cider doughnuts!!!!!!! Those are a really big family tradition!!

And finally....Apple cider!!!!!

So what are your favorite parts of autumn? If you have any ideas of what I should post for more CTA posts then let me know in a comment below.
Well see later!!!
              Your friend-
                                      Adelaide R.

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