Friday, September 12, 2014


Hello!!! I'm back! And over here it is COLD!!!! Almost freezing! But like I said autumn and winter are my favorite seasons so  I love it! So where are we now?........11 days till autumn!!!! so we are gonna be focusing our utmost attention on.......trees! Now some of you are probably thinking 'what?Trees? Is this girl crazy or something?' But in my family trees are a very important part of autumn. And they are so beautiful! And raking them and jumping in them is so fun!
So here we go!
Ah! The red is STUNNING!

Look at that! The mix of those colors is amazing! and the lake looks gorgeous!

Ah! I'd love to get a book and climb on up and I could sit there for hours!

Wow! look at the sun reflecting on those color mixed trees! country road looks so pretty with the leaves...

Hmm...look at that orange color and the light coming through it!

Ooh....look at the woods with those trees! it it so pretty!

Well I hope you liked it! I'll be back as soon as I can for more! Bye!
      Your friend-
                          Adelaide R.

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