Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's day! :)

Hello everybody! Happy valentine's day! So my dad took me and my younger siblings to a science museum at Prairie fire shopping square in state line Missouri/Kansas.
That place was pretty cool! (comment down below if you've been there)
So my dad gave me and my siblings lots of Valentine's loot. so here is my haul!
                                                      I got a really sweet card from my dad.
                                                 Here is the inside (sorry that it's blurry.)
                                                  A big whole Hershey's bar just for me! :)
                                                  A few pretty rocks from the museum.
                                                                   A heart lollipop!
                                            A box of chocolates with the princesses on it.
                                                              sparkly red cupid socks.
                                                            a pretty white necklace!
                                                                     Heart candies.
                                           sugar sticks (I had like four of them but I..ate 'em :)
                                                         This is the hoodie I wore today.
              And this is a TV, DVD player, Xbox 360 console, 2 Xbox remote controllers, and a minecraft case. I made them for my ever after high dolls. (I still need to make a picture to put on the TV though) Do ya like them? And it's just their size.
                          So here is the whole haul! What'd you get?  Happy Valentine's day!


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