Thursday, February 26, 2015

We got the Big hero 6 dvd!

My mom went to the store and got!..........the big hero 6 movie!!!!! YaY!!! I love this movie it's awesome! And the animation is great!
                  Big Hero 6 DVD

As you already know, Hiro is my favorite character, he is awesome (My age and very cute :) He is a robotics genius, and Go go is so awesome and has a few styles that I really like. The other characters are awesome too like; Fred, wasabi, tadashi, and honey lemon, And I can't forget Baymax!
So out of the violence I'd say 1 out of 5. Not much but in case you have kids that might get scared I'd say the bad guy might be kinda creepy.
romance: 0 out 5 literally, no romance at all.
language: um...if you count Hiro saying 'shut up' as in "you've gotta be kidding me." then that might be a tiny issue, I don't mind it at all though.
funny: 4 out of 5, very funny! but there is some rude humor in there...kinda.
one thing I didn't like about it is that; the bad guy is so cool until you know who it is, and the plot needed more time and work, but I loved it and it's so modern and techy. So if you like Tokyo/tech/marvel then this is your movie! Thanks so much Disney for making this!!!!! I LOVED it!
I actually have the go go tomago 10 or 11 inch doll, and she is awesome, I'm thinking about making custom go go and Hiro dolls with their everyday normal clothes on because their outfits were so cute!
So that's about it.  Bye! and please check this movie out because it's awesome!



  1. I love Big Hero 6, thus the reason for my fangirl post back in November dedicated to the movie. I watched it twice in its opening week and have the whole movie memorized by heart! I loved it so much! The villain was okay; it's a common thing for WDAS (the people who made the movie) to switch the villain out into the open at the last minute. I love Baymax so much; I want-- no, I NEED a plushie of Baymax.

    xoxo Morning

    1. IKR! Me need Baymax plushie too! :) Awesome! Yeah It's so cool!

  2. YES!!! ANOTHER BIG HERO 6 FAN!!!!!!! :)