Friday, February 13, 2015

Things I've been loving recently :)

So I'm just surfing the web here, minding my own business and I have a few things I've been loving and wanting to do recently I'm just gonna tell ya that :)

                                    Things I've been loving recently;
                -I want to cut my hair in a short shoulder length hairstyle (What do you think?)
              -I really want to go to a comic con. I mean imagine all that awesome stuff there.
          -Colored hair!!!!!!!!! I love it! If I did color my hair it would be only a few streaks..but Alas! :) My mom won't let me :( (At least hair chalk Please! :)
              - I want to be a hairstylist (I know, completely random :)
                  -Love Lindsey Stirling!
                              -Love PTX!
                                     -Love Owl city!
                                             -Love Becky G
                                                  -Love being a nerd...Any thoughts?
                  -Liking Sonic the hedgehog right now (My fav is probably Shadow though) any of you out there who likes Sonic?
                                             -Still loving Star wars rebels! Go team! :)

Well that's about it...If you have anything to say then just comment and I'll be waiting :)

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