Monday, June 8, 2015


It's so amazing the things we're able to remember, good times though we try not to remember school :) I remember a lot of things in the past 14 years of my life.
So I'm gonna take a stroll down memory lane......these picture are not in order just so you know :)
this is my little sister Emma (who is now about to turn 13!:) I think she is about 3 or 4.

This is Zachary, my little brother who will turn seven this year, this is when we had his fifth birthday.

This is Ally and Alex in like 2012 or 2013, they were 24 and 17.

This is Ben when he was 3, he's five now and hasn't changed much..he's adorable though!

This a very blurry picture of me and my sisters Emma and Belle, that rainy march day in 2013 when we got our box of chicks from the post office.
The baby chicks are in their little pen, they were so adorable! we got 27 now we have 5 left...:)
This was Christmas 2012.....:'(
Left to right; Me, upper left; Alex, Ally, Jon (who is married) Nick (who lives in an apartment now), lower left; Dad, Ben, Joey, Belle, Prissy, Zachary, Mom and Emma.

Christmas 2012, my family and I going to the tree farm for our tree...It's so fun because we squeeze in our 15 passenger van and go along bumpy roads singing to the Christmas music on our radio..
Ally watching little Benny.

Jon holding his identical twin-like brother Zach :)

Nick holding his almost identical twin-like brother Ben.

Me (in the blue plaid) Ally, Belle and Emma, it was freezing :)

This is when we got back home...see our tree? :)

Thanksgiving 2012, we always decorate our great big table in our traditional thanksgiving stuff.

Look at all that yummy food!

We always do a Thanksgiving play, so here was our "cast" for 2012;
Ben (Indian)

Zach (indian)

Prissy (pilgrim)

Joey (pilgrim)

Emma (Indian)

Me (Indian) I'm almost always an Indian, but I love it!

in 2011 Easter Sunday, Emma, me and Belle.

Me and Belle, Belle trying to "teach" me piano :)

 Me in 2011

Belle in 2011 on her 12th birthday (she just turned 16)

in 2011 (I think) when my mom did a really fancy baby shower for a church friend

2010, In Tennessee, we were staying at a condo with some friends, we also went to an awesome amusement park; Dolly wood.

Joey and Zach playing toy story :)

Little Ben when he was like 2 or 3

2013, Joey age 8 (He is going to be eleven this year :)

2013 Prissy, playing with party stuff, she was 6 and now she's 8.

We were doing spring cleaning in 2013, Zach was 4,

Benny looking cool,

I guess I was like three, Belle is apparently kissing me :)

2011 Belle and I made our first cakes from our easy bake oven :)

In 2010 at Ripley's aquarium in Tennessee, Belle and I were "drowning" :) that was a really cool aquarium.

2012, Me, Emma, and Belle :)

It was Christmas baking time and we were being goofy, so we took a pic of this, (don't worry, Emma is fine :)

I remember when my brothers Nick, Jon and Alex, would play with me and the others, Nick and Alex would steal my stuffed animals and I would "hire" a lawyer (who turned out to be Belle) and we would do a big court-case and I usually won..:) those were so fun! The boys were very into war games and such so we made up a game called; blood and France. It was set in world war 2, we run around dodging imaginary Nazis, making camps, and such. Then we'd play school, the monkey game (we steal candy during Christmas) gingerbread houses were so fun! last year Alex did his gingerbread house with gingerbread zombies breaking in :)
when we were little my mom taught me to sew at age 4, and we had to take naps. during naps we played (though we weren't supposed to :)
the boys had a bunch of play Mobil sets so when they left with my dad during his travels me and my sisters would come and play with them :)
most games I played with my sister involved orphanages, dress-up, outside tents, making telephone cans (that never worked :) trampoline, jumping on the bed, playing with my brother's train sets.
If I would describe me, Belle and Emma, We would be Edith (Me, I honestly wear a beanie hat a lot!) Agnes (Emma) and Margo (Belle) from despicable me. Christmas has always been all of us sleeping in my older brother's room. Last year was different, we literally all grew up. I remember when I was four in a baby bed sticking my candy cane on the rail of my bed and it broke, so ally gave me her candy cane :)
I remember when we finished opening presents my brothers would get their video games and we'd watch them for hours,
in 2013 we played the PC minecraft altogether on our computers and played like that for about a week :)
in 2013 my brothers played a Zombie game with us, the lights were off, and they would come looking for us, I was the second to the last one becoming a Zombie in the end, that was so fun.
And when it snowed we all went outside to throw snowballs and such,
in 2014, my older brother and the rest of us planned a Tangled like themed surprise proposal, he got a boat and we got lanterns and he sang 'I see the light' to her, now they're married, in 2014, lots of stuff happened :(
memories are one of the best things god gave us, there are bad and good memories, it helps me remember how close our family was,
This year, is my brother's first wedding anniversary, this year I turn 15, I'll get my driving permit, get a job, my sister Emma is entering her teen years. our pool gets fixed, our cat had babies, 22 chickens getting dragged away by coyotes, So much has happened in the past 14 years, I'm so glad I have these memories and these pictures. Thanks for reading!!! bye!
What are your favorite memories?


  1. Awwww, Addy, this is such a sweet post--I love reading about people's memories (and seeing the pics of when y'all were so little and cute!)

    1. Thanks!...I love reading about that too. (Well thank ya :) I still remember when you came over and that was so fun and hilarious! I hope you can come over again soon!