Monday, June 15, 2015

New ever after high dolls on amazon!!!

So I was surfing once again on Amazon to check for any new dolls here is what I found.
 This is the comic con Raven queen doll, (they also have a cerise hood one too!) I really want to get her! she is gorgeous and I guess that this is what it'd look like if she turned evil or something, I really really really want her and the Cerise comic con doll....
Look at these little sporty girls! It's the ever after high school spirit, and looks how pretty they look! I really want to get these two, I mean look at that detail! (I really like Raven's sports cap. :)
            This is the new line called way too wonderland, This here of course is Kitty Cheshire.
                                        way too wonderland: Lizzie hearts
                            Way too wonderland: Madeline hatter, (I love her curls! :)
                                             way too wonderland: Apple white.
                                     Way too wonderland: Briar beauty.
                                     Ever After High Way Too Wonderland - Briar Beauty Doll
             Way too wonderland play-set which includes a wonderland raven queen!
    I think this is the sugar coated bake sale play-set, which includes; a new Ginger doll!!! (She is so cute!)
                     I'm wondering if this Blondie doll has something to do with the sugar coated line, she also looks like her when in a certain scene on one of the webisodes.....
                               Here is sugar coated Ashlynn Ella (she is so cute!)
                                                      Sugar coated; Cedar wood.
                                                sugar coated; Madeline Hatter
             Here is also a new line called; enchanted picnic, This is Cerise hood. (her outfit is so adorable!
                                        the enchanted picnic; Blondie lockes (who is also very cute!)
                                                      and the enchanted picnic; Raven queen.
  Also a new line; fairest on ice; Poppy o'hair (Her hair is long!!!!!!????) I'd love to get her, it looks so cute!
                               Fairest on ice; Ashlynn Ella (I love the snowflake face paint!)
                              Ever After High Fairest on Ice - Ashlynn Ella Doll
                                               and fairest on ice; Duchess swan!
                             Ever After High Fairest on Ice - Duchess Swan Doll
                              well I hope you enjoyed it! Which ones do you like the best and hope to get? (comment below!!!)


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