Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Inside out movie review

Hello! So last Saturday I went with my dad and siblings to see the new Disney Pixar movie 'Inside out'. And Let me tell you....It is really emotional!
So first I'll tell you about the characters:
First we have Joy, the happy-go-lucky feeling we get when we are happy, enthusiastic and of course joyful.
Next we have Disgust (one of my favorite characters) Disgust makes sure Riley's(Riley is the girl who these emotions belong to) Food isn't poisioned, she definitely emphasizes her disgust in the things that Disgust hates most. throughout the movie, she is so hilarious with her sassy girl attitude.
                                                             Image result for inside out
This is Sadness, the sad blue emotion we all try hard to keep from taking us over, she is very cute but a little too sad for me :)
                                              Image result for inside out
This is Anger! his 'hot' head results in bad mad decision and a horrible temper, he reminds me of a guy I know :)
This is fear, He's afraid of literally everything, he keeps Riley 'safe', for being a fearful little guy, he's pretty kind                                                
                                                        .Image result for inside out
And this is Riley, Whom I thought was so cute and adorable for a tween, (she's my younger sister's age like 11/12) She loves Hockey, her friends, family, she is even more lovable when you see what she goes through during the movie :( (I know this is totally random but Riley's color seems to be yellow :)
                                       Image result for inside out pixar riley
                                       Image result for inside out pixar riley baby
                                      Image result for inside out pixar riley baby
                                                Image result for inside out pixar riley baby
                            Image result for inside out pixar riley
So on a scale of one-ten, I'd rate it...10, I mean it's so awesome (I almost started crying in the theater :) I'd love to see it again! So if you haven't seen it yet then you really should! Any thoughts? just tell me in a comment and I'll see you then!
-Adelaide. (BTW-I did a character quiz for Inside out and I was Disgust :)

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