Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Official first day of Autumn!!!!!!


Hellooooooooo....So I've been busy, my mom started a daycare, and it's time consuming for me who has chores, school and such + watching my siblings and the daycare kids which totals out to be 8 kids to watch. Eight kids who are supremely hyper :)
I though I'd remind myself and you that....Tomorrow (September 23rd) Is the Official first day of Autumn!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! So excited! We're getting ready for Halloween, I'll probably be an anime wolf girl, if that doesn't work out then I'll be Hermione Granger.
Here are some pics for references so you can get the general idea.
Design Your Own Women's Croped Fur Hooded Vest Furry Vest Festiva Hoodie Burning Man Vest Fuzzy Hood      Fairy Tail Jellal Fernandes mystogan short blue cosplay wig layered layers made to order 
Things I've been doing recently:
-Watching the ever after high way too wonderland special. It was awesome!!!!!
-I'm about to buy an ever after high doll, can you guess? I'll give you a hint. She is one of the original dolls that came in the original group of eight or seven, She is tall and very fast.
-Sewing doll clothes, making my ever after high dolls their beds (Finally!)
-Getting really excited about Halloween! And my 15th birthday!
-Listening to Nightcore music, and the full-metal alchemist soundtrack (which is totally awesome!)
-Building a giant high school dollhouse for my dolls!
So I've caught you up on all the things that have happened over the past weeks! I'll update soon!


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