Monday, September 28, 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 review

So my dad just took me and younger sister to see 'Hotel Transylvania 2' So here is my review.
It was really good! I liked it a lot! I haven't seen the first one but I could tell what was going on. Now there was some things that might be inappropriate for younger kids (depending on what you allow them to see).
The plot was adorable! (I'm not gonna say it in case you don't want spoilers :)
It had some purty good animation! Here are my ratings
-violence...3 out of 5, My dad thinks we shouldn't show this to my younger siblings, and I gotta agree with him there :) I mean stuff like vampire powers where they get kinda nasty :)
-romance..2 out of 5
-crude humor..3 out of 5, like showing a monsters butt, the gooey guy peeing in front of a tree, and Drac's dad commenting on a big wig as "His mother's boobs", and Drac saying the wig looked like a baboon's butt, don't really know if that is appropriate for some of you out there.
-scary parts (for little kids) 3 out of 5, like blood, the big bat and Drac's dad, just stuff like that I thought you should know for those of you who might have kids who scare easy. (I scared easy when I was little :)
-Funny stuff, 4 out of 5, it was pretty funny :)
So now for the favorite characters!
 - Mavis (Drac's vampire daughter)
 - Griffin, the invisible guy :) the voice actor who does him does 'cusco' from 'emperor's new groove', which is another funny movie, but you probably already knew that :)
-and Dennis
So overall it was a pretty good movie!

Thanks for reading!

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