Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st :)

I just thought of something....The Hogwarts express leaves for Hogwarts today...:) I'm in my fourth year at Hogwarts I believe..:) what year are you in? Here's a bit of Harry potter fan fiction I wrote;

I sighed with relief as I got to king's cross, there I awaited the rest of my family who were going with me. 
Summer was over and as much as I'd miss it, I'll be glad to get back to Hogwarts with my friends in Ravenclaw. I was in my fourth year already. And I'd learned so much.
"Honey!" gasped my mom as she and the others caught up with me, "don't run so fast! You gave me quite a scare!" 
I wasn't listening though, I caught sight of my friends and waved my arm around excitedly until I got their attention. They joined me by the invisible platform nine and three quarters known only to us witches and wizards. 
"Well honey, I'll see you during the Christmas break!" said my mom kissing me on the cheek. My little sister who was in her third year looked around and caught sight of her boyfriend and ran off to greet him. mom shook her head saying; "Keep watch of Victoria will you Rose?" 
I laughed. "Sure mom but trust me, Vicky knows her stuff" I hugged her and joined my friends going through the barrier. I heard my three younger siblings saying; "Mom when can we go?" 
"when you're eleven! How many times do I have to tell you that?"
I climbed aboard the train and found a compartment with my friends. As soon as I sat down I pulled a book out of my bag and started reading. finally, it took long enough to get on the train.
My older sister Margo who was in her sixth year and was head girl ran past bossing the first years around. I shook my head in amusement, some things just never change. even at Hogwarts.

Please comment down below and tell me what you think, and what year you're in.


  1. That was awesome!!! I'd probably be in Hufflepuff, I think. I'd also be in my...third year??? Yeah. That'd be about right. Or second??? Nevermind me! I have no idea what I'm even talking about! LOL! I'd either be in second or third year. My birthday's in March, and I turned 13 this year. :/ Okay then! HAHA!

    -Trinity from lordsgirls.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks so much!!!! I think I'd be in Ravenclaw. :)