Sunday, March 20, 2016

Etsy prototypes + ahsoka hoodie review

Hello! Here are some prototype ideas for my etsy shop! My Kanani doll is modeling them for me :) (Note: this is old  clothing that I'm upcycling :)
First up is this top, it is pale pink, has ribbons to keep it on, and on the bottom is a Hello Kitty tag.
Then there are hot pink shorts.

Here she is again with the same shirt but with an upcycled hot pink Hello Kitty mini skirt with a Hello Kitty decal, that I made into a doll skirt.

Here she is with an aqua blue cotton tank, and an upcycled sky blue skirt with patterns on it.

You could also pull the shirt up for a crop top :)

Here are some upcycled jeans with some embroidery on them that I made into doll jeans.

Here is a pair of doll sized purple sweatpants.

This is all the items together, what do you think? I mean I'm still working on other stuff for the shop but here are some AG doll clothes.

Next up is my short Ahsoka Tano hoodie review! Yay! So this came a week after I ordered it which was awesome :) Here is the Hunic's front side, which has her whole top part of her outfit :)

Here is the back side of the Hunic which is just as detailed as the front :) It even has her padawan bead things that hang on her lekku. And one of them was printed to look like it was ripped off, just like in the show :)

On the sleeves you have the option to wear it like a sleeve or like finger-less gloves like Ahsoka does :)

From a scale of one to ten (sounds like Baymax) how would I rate this item? Um..9.5, why? Because of some of the design being kinda printed on there, I'm sure that after weeks or a few months of wear might scratch it off, and I'm not sure how long it will fit me, it fits me fine right now but let's say next autumn or in two years I may not fit it then, so I will enjoy it while I can!
If you're looking for a super cool Ahsoka tano hoodie for a costume or just an everyday hoodie, you should really look into getting one of these, I got mine at like 20-30% off which was great :) My younger sister got one too!
This is a recent picture of me for my 'about me' page, which is updated now!

This is my bed space, where I draw, sometimes sew, and obviously sleep :)

This one side of my shelf where I keep my pencils, colored pencils, my favorite stuffed dog Archie and other random stuff :)

This is the other side of my shelf where I keep my favorite books like; Harry potter, 'how to draw anime and manga' books, my homelanders book, ever after high, big hero 6, LOTR, and lots of notebooks :)

Thanks for reading! And I'll CYA next time!


  1. I read over at Hannah's site that you want to find some inexpensive MH and EAH to spruce up. I just wanted to let you know that another place to look for dolls is garage sales, if you haven't already thought of that. I doubt you'll find any AG dolls there though. :)

    1. Oh yeah I totally forgot about garage sales! Yeah AG dolls are one of those rare finds if I want to find them for an inexpensive price :)