Friday, January 30, 2015

She's here!!!!! + getting Tawnya's outfit sewn!

So today my grandma came by  and dropped off a box in our kitchen and me (being as I am :) decided to check who it was for and I saw it came from the guy I bought it from on Ebay so I got all excited and Me and my sister Emma ran upstairs with a pair of scissors and opened her up!

  She came separately in a zipped bag and I got so excited because she was in very good condition!
 With her clothes and accessories!!!!!!!
           She is so cute and I saw that she is a tiny bit shorter than my Madeline Hatter doll so that's very good :)

                                                                  Just the perfect size!!!!

                     Her body and head. nose. mouth and eye shape are perfect for Tawnya!

So then I started on Tawnya's outfit (early :) 
So how does it look from drawing to this?......
                                    All this is handmade, hand-sewn and all that.

So all I need to do is buy another Howleen on Ebay (one of those less expensive and....kinda naked ones...Anyways!!!:) So that I can spray paint her body green, re-root her hair (black) and make her light-saber, head-band, sandals, and Yoda ears. But the one Howleen that I  was just showing you (with her clothes :) I'm gonna keep her like that.

Well what do you think?



  1. Her outfit is cute!!!!

    -Meghan at

  2. She is so awesome! I would love you get a monster high doll! But sadly my parents don't really like them :( Oh well, I love how you are going to customise one! I can't wait to see it when it's done =)
    - Lydia from AGfernfriends

    1. My mom didn't want me to get a monster high doll at first (and before that she didn't want me to get an ever after high doll, now she loves them :), but when I told her that some of them are actually really pretty and cute, and that I would probably customize them then she let me buy it!
      I'm almost done with her, I just need to re-root her hair, spay paint her green, and then make her shoes.
      Thanks for the comment! <3