Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween tag.

Hello! I will be doing a Halloween tag! yay! Okay here we go! (btw- I did not create this tag :)

                                         1- What year did you first go trick-or-treating?
                         Okay this is slightly embarrassing :) But I first went trick-or-treating last year in 2014 :) why we didn't go trick-or-treating or celebrate Halloween at all for the last 20 years (before I was born :) is a very long                                                    story:) But last year we finally got to do it :)
                                                      2- Favorite kind of candy?
                            Reese's!!!!! I love 'em so much! And York mints! (I know this is off topic but                                                                 every time I eat something with mint in it I sneeze :)
                                             3- What are you going to be this year?
                           A wolf. I've loved wolves since I was really little, I used to draw them a lot.
                                                 4 - Favorite costume you've had?
    Well...I've only gone trick-or-treating once, so I guess I could say; Dorothy. I went as her last year and my                                                friend went as the tin man. It was crazy awesome!
                                                  5 - Favorite spooky creature?
                                            Jack-o-lantern. Or a witch (if that counts :)
                                          6 - How hyped do you get for Halloween?
    Well this is only my second time celebrating Halloween. But I'm really excited! Like 10 out of 10 excited!!!!
                         7 - Halloween Pinteresty thing that you've always wanted to try?
                                             I don't have a Pinterest account yet :) 
                                                   8- Favorite part of Halloween?
          Trick-or-treating :) and trading candy when we're done. And going to sleep late at night while still wearing                                   make-up because of being so tired from having so much :)
                                                          9 - Orange or black?
                           Both! During Halloween though. If it wasn't, then I'd have 'em separately :)

Well thanks for reading! CYA! 
                        btw-10 days till Halloween! 

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