Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'll never buy from American girl again!!! :(

Hey all! Happy Halloween!! I need to tell you all something real quick.
Okay so; The last time that I bought something from American girl was when I was maybe 12, Know why? Well after they took the best historical girls out and raised the prices to a fortune. American girl just kinda lost it's magic for me, which is sad. I loved that place since I was 7. Well when beforever came and they made the products cheap and so expensive I started to hate it, but what I found out today from lots of doll blogs that I follow like; and It just DISGUSTED me. Here it is; American girl now openly supports gay marriage! Yeah you heard right! when I found out I was so sad and angry. this just ticked me off, that just disgusts me so much! I mean when little girls first get interested in american girl they are like six-years-old! I mean C'mon! I don't want to think of the books or movies they might make because of that. that is not something you want to let a little girl read or see or hear! I feel really betrayed, I loved that place and the cutesy girl environment, now it's just as bad as other not-so-good stores out there! And right when my youngest sister is starting to like American girl they had to screw it up for her (pardon my french :). My grandma wanted to buy American girl stuff for my sister this year like she did with me and my other sisters. My grandma is gonna be so angry!
Because American girl supports gay marriage; I will never buy anything from American girl and probably not set foot in the store again. As much as this is sad and I feel bad for my sister, there are way better dolls we can get for her that are cheaper and better quality! like; Disney animator's collection, Our generation dolls, Springfield dolls, Journey girl dolls and Strawberry shortcake dolls, They are way better!
now I'm not trying to force anything on you, Everyone has the right to free speech and opinions, that being said; please don't get upset with me if you do support gay marriage, this is just my opinion in a big world.
So if you hate the fact that American girl supports gay marriage, and if you don't support gay marriage; then please spread the word!

thanks for reading! and Happy Halloween!


  1. I don't understand. It's called "American" Girl. America has legalized gay marriage. Target stores, Disney, and plenty of other organizations support it openly. You haven't stopped buying from them. I don't support homosexuality and I never will, but it's kind of odd to me that you would do this to one company and not the others.

    1. Well here's the thing; A lot of american girl policies and such have said; Safe and 'Clean' environment. I (As a christian) don't think that gays and abortion fit that title for girls from 1 to 13. and also, do little girls need to see this in one of their favorite playthings? Also in order to live I have to eat or wear things from stores like Target and Walmart.
      Also Disney has never shown little children things like that yet. and When I buy things, I'm not buying certain things directly. I understand that you're confused, I just think that since it's a safe place for young girls, they shouldn't show it without certain parents permission. The parents of the girl may not want her to read all that stuff and ask questions until she is older.
      I'm not trying to start a debate, or an argument or anything, I don't want to be negative toward the people who comment. But if a person who does believe in that and tries to cuss, argue, or say anything mean or negative toward me and my beliefs, I don't want to mess with them period. I don't want to associate with people who believe in stuff like that, and if a company does that openly to little girls, then I don't want to associate with it either. The people you associate with, makes you who you are sometimes. I just think it's a bad example of 'clean and safe'.
      (I also don't have any connections with social media like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. So that's why I probably haven't seen the companies talk openly of the stuff they believe :)

    2. I'm not trying to start an argument either, I'm just having trouble understanding your point. (By the way, Disney does show that kind of stuff openly to everyone. Ever heard of Gay Days at the parks?)

    3. I have never ever heard of it! But see how I don't know all this stuff 'cause I don't have social media? :) But do people who aren't gays go there? Now I'm confused :) This country is seriously messed up and twisted.