Monday, October 5, 2015

I got Cerise hood!!!!

So today I go to my room and sitting on my bed is a wrapped package the size and shape of an ever after high box, It was addressed to me from my sister Emma. I was shocked :) So I didn't want to open it yet in case she wanted me to wait. so I run downstairs and yell; "Emma! There's box on my bed for me from you!"
My sister acts all shocked and confused "really? Let me see?"
So to make a long story short, she happened to have an extra Cerise hood doll (the original) that my dad got her for Christmas. She was thinking about customizing it but thought (I've been looking for her to buy and I couldn't find her anywhere!) that I should have it for an early birthday present (my birthday is 3 weeks away). I was like; AW! I'm so thankful she gave her to me! I love her so much. Here is a photo from the internet for reference.

I'm calling her Scarlet. I love her so much and I've been wanting her since forever!
Thanks Emma!!!
I'll try to get pics of her up soon!

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