Sunday, January 25, 2015

Strange magic movie review

So this last Saturday my dad took me and my siblings to see strange magic so I'm gonna do a review about it.

So My ratings are: Okay. I mean for the animation it was pretty good. My dad loved it.
 But the main character Marianne She was pretty stereo-type. The usual tough-can take care of herself kind of lady. I mean she is pretty cool and has a cool outfit and hairstyle but she was a bit too stereo-type.
Now her little sister I didn't care much about, Her hair was like...Um okay not very real :) She was a lot like Anna.
And I didn't like Prince Roland AT ALL! I hated him, he was disgusting!
                                     I kinda liked sunny, He was an okay character.
                                        I didn't really care about the bog king........
                             And the sugar plum (voiced by Kristen Chenoweth)
Violence: 1 out of 5 (they do fight and attack each other.
Language: 2 out of 5
Romance: 5 out of 5 (the whole movie is about love, and a lot of the characters kiss a lot)
And the story plot...It went by way too fast.
I didn't really like how they had to sing like every 5 minutes, Some of you may like it and some of may not. I'm just saying that in my opinion I liked Tinkerbell and Epic way better than strange magic. The bog king and his kingdom was a lot like the villain on Epic. And Marianne and Don (her younger sister) were a lot like Anna and Elsa.

So like I said. I thought the movie was okay....
Please tell me what you think about the movie!


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