Saturday, January 17, 2015

I went to the movies! (My 3rd time in a row! :)

Okay so like 3 weeks ago, My dad took me and my siblings to see night at the museum and the secret of the tomb, it was pretty good....
Then a week later we saw 'Penguins of Madagascar' It was okay but not my favorite movie.
So today we went and saw 'Paddington'   it is so good! It would probably have 99% out of 100 for kid friendliness.
I would rate it like...5 out of 5. It was really good! and the animation for the bears was so good! I mean it was like Rocket raccoon type. It says it's the producer of Harry Potter (I love Harry Potter!) and I can see why. This movie is awesome and I thought it would be like weird animation with a weird story but it is really good!

So if you haven't seen this movie then you need to!
Well I gotta go!



  1. Oooh, you saw Penguins of Madagascar??? I really want to see that... if only because of the wolf. *cough ahem* And isn't NATM3 SOOOOOOOOO good? Loved Hugh Jackman's cameo!

    1. Yeah, I think you'll probably like the wolf :)....NATM3 was really good. Hugh Jackman was great also My master HD (aka, Horace Dinsmore :) JK.