Sunday, January 25, 2015

I bought her!!!!

So in an earlier post I said that I was considering on buying this version of Howleen on  Ebay,  Because I was gonna turn her into my star wars rebels character that I created. Well I bought her and she will be here in about a week, but she isn't gonna be Tawnya.... yet :) So when I get her in the mail I'm gonna fix her up a bit (My mom doesn't like their monster look) so I'm gonna make her look more human, so I'm gonna see how I like her and if she is just right then I'm gonna buy another version like this Howleen doll but I'm gonna try to get a nude (naked) doll of howleen on Ebay for a custom Tawnya...Did that make sense? Anyways! I think I'll change her name and stuff like that but isn't she adorable?! I love her so much and she is so cute!!!!!

Thanks for reading and I'll probably do a review on her when I get her!!!!


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