Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New ever after high dolls!

So once again I was surfing the internet when I saw..........
Duchess swan! YaY!!!!! I've been waiting for more characters to be released! She is the daughter of the swan princess. She is on Amazon right now. look how pretty she is!
But not only did I find Duchess, I also found Ginger breadhouse, she is the daughter of the candy witch from Hansel and Gretel. Isn't she so cute?! She was in the most recent episode from ever after high. And she is so sweet! She is also on amazon.


Now if they would just release Melody Piper......:) I really want to get her, her being a really cute DJ. I will try to wait :)  Right now I have the original Poppy o'hair, Madeline hatter, Throne-coming raven, getting fairest Raven, and the hat-tastic Cedar wood.
Please ever after high...please, please, please--make Melody Piper! :)

Well thanks for reading! CYA!



  1. Hi!
    Thanks for doing my survey, it's means a ton! Anyway, I love your blog! I'm kind-of addicted to "Ever After High" too! Sparrow is super funny, my favorite character is the Mad Hatter's daughter. Which I can't think of the name... Anyway, I'm coming back to your blog soon! Thanks again!

    1. I have the Madeline Hatter doll! I love her so much too! You're welcome!