Sunday, January 18, 2015

Even more new ever after high dolls!!!!!

SO like I have been saying....I saw these peeps on Amazon!!!!!!
First is Darling charming, She is Dexter and Daring's sister and she is a rebel.

Next is Rosabella beauty, She is of course the daughter of belle from beauty and the beast, And I've been waiting for her because I had hoped they would make her character and now she is here!

And here is the daughter of the white rabbit, Bunny Blanc

And this is the son of Alice from Alice in wonderland, His name is Alistair wonderland.

And this is Faybelle thorne, She must be the daughter of maleficent. (Faybelle's name sounds like Belle thorne :) But Faybelle looks like she is from monster high.....

Okay so these dolls aren't as detailed as the first couple ones, I'm still waiting for melody piper. Now Faybelle doesn't look right for some reason......I think the daughter of Belle from beauty and the beast looks okay, and so does Darling charming but the next other ones don't look as detailed like they didn't give them a lot of attention. Oh well....I guess I'll find out later......
Well thanks for reading!


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