Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy (late) new year!

Well...2014 is over.:( But I'm very excited to start 2015! But before we go there I'm gonna reflect on the things that happened this last year :)
-My brother got married and moved away......:(

-I got into ever after high :)

-I got into the Harry potter fandom after reading the books :)

-I got my ears pierced
-I got my first hair cut
-I saw maleficent and big hero 6 in theaters (I wish I could've seen how to train our dragon 2 and guardians of the galaxy though :(
-I met my very best friends this year.
-I finally got a skateboard for Christmas and I'm looking forward to spring to riding it at the skateboard park this year.
- I started this blog
-I started my YouTube channel.
-I got into a star wars rebels fandom
-I was in a Frozen singing recital
-I went to the nelson Atkins museum of art.
-I didn't have a crush on any living human being (only animated ones :) jk.

My favorite songs this year were:
Immortals -fall out boy (from big hero 6)
light em up- fall out boy
centuries- fall out boy
on top of the world -Greek fire
love runs out- one republic
blank space- Taylor swift
problems- ariana grande
we'll be counting stars- one republic
I liked a bunch more songs but I can't remember them :)

Movies I got to watch:
Alice in wonderland (the one with johnny Depp)
Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
how to train your dragon (the first one)
rise of the guardians
Muppets most wanted
the emperor's new groove
I think that's about it.

exercise more and lose some flab
learn how to dance; break-dancing, jazz, and a bunch more.
Get super ahead in school.
Learn Tech/computer science/robotics and that sort of thing.
Learn how to animate (I can dream can't I?:)
Learn really well how to skateboard :)

Well I hope you liked it!


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