Thursday, December 17, 2015

Catching up on the Christmas Challenge and..SNOW!!!

Hello! Sorry I haven't been posting my Christmas Challenge in a while, things have been a bit busy. so now time to catch  up!
Where were we?...Oh yes!


12. Do something for someone you usually talk talk to.
Well I'm normally a shy and quiet person and try not to talk to strangers, but my mom and I were Christmas shopping today and I held a door open for someone at gordman's, I cleaned out some trash out of a shopping cart at Target and I've been trying to notice other people and compliment their hair or clothing; like today I complimented a girl's hair which really pretty and curly (I also like dreads and cornrow hairstyle quite a bit :)

13. Selfie Or Groupie
Um..I don't have a phone or anything to do that sister does groupies with me and my younger sister though.

14. Design and draw your own Christmas tree
Well I drew it..I haven't colored it yet, maybe I can put it up sometime, but it looks like a green, nerdy, geeky, and pretty type of tree.

15. Write what Christmas smells like
Peppermint, pine trees, wrapping paper, gingerbread, chilly outside, Warm fireplace, wood, and cough drops :)

16.Fuzzy socks or sweaters?
Both! Because fuzzy socks are..well fuzzy! And sweaters are warm and comfy!

17.Quote Buddy the Elf loudly in public
"I'm singing! I'm in a store!" Yeah..I did that at home..

So that's all for now! BTW-My mom's birthday is tomorrow and..It's snowing a tiny bit where I live and I've been waiting so long so yay!!!!!
Have a blessed day! And Merry Christmas!!!!


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