Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Hello! I'm so excited! Today, December 18th 2015. The seventh Star wars movie comes out! I can't wait to see it! I mean The last time it came out it was like forty-something years ago! (Before my time!) Now a star wars movie comes out in my lifetime!? I have to say I'm pretty proud to be in this generation.
Imagine saying to your kids in a couple twenty years and saying; "Yup kids, when I was fifteen years old (or whatever age you are :) the seventh star wars movie came out! And it was the year in 2015 when star wars merchandise probably sold the best" :)
I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I'll probably have to wait to see it though because they'll probably be sold out in theaters for like two-three weeks (I'm only estimating :)
Anyways! I don't know the exact story plot but I'll have to find out.
Oh! BTW-6 days till Christmas!!!!!!!
And here is today's day for the Christmas Challenge!


 18. Write what Christmas sounds like.
Hmm...Jingle bells, silence when it snows, loud! tearing wrapping paper, coughs :) carols, crunching snow, and angels :)

Today is also my mom's birthday :) (lucky for her birthday to be on the star wars movie release date :) Anyways! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Well thanks for reading! May the force be with you and Merry Christmas!


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