Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas challenge

I think I'll do a Christmas challenge, (though I'm like a week late :) but I'll catch up (hopefully) but no pictures 'cause that problem hasn't been fixed yet :) Well let's get started!


1. favorite Christmas tradition
Um..well one of my favorite Christmas tradition is; Christmas eve, because we go to our relatives house (on my dad's side) and have Cuban food, talk and play games in their basement, then...drumroll..PRESENTS (how selfish I am :) yes presents, then we leave and go home, (all my siblings will be there :) we'll get red and white striped PJs on, my mom will set up a tea party on a table that has suddenly shrunk now that we're all grown-ish. After the tea party we sing carols, say what we like best about the sibling next to us. Then we go to the basement and pick out a colorful flavored candy cane (we have about 5 trees at home :) from the basement tree, then we go to the biggest bedroom in the house (usually the boys room or me and my sister's room, this year it's our room :) and we all sleep there. Then...Christmas morning!
This year will be slightly different because I'll be spending Christmas eve night at my dad's and then on December 26th we do our Christmas eve at home.

2. favorite Christmas movie
hmm...the Grinch that stole Christmas (the animated version :) and little drummer boy.

3. favorite Christmas cookie
Um..well I don't really have a favorite, so I'll just list the sweets we make; Peanut butter cookies, snicker doodles, sugar cookies, cannoli, cream puffs, gingerbread, peanut butter truffles, mocha truffles (these are so YUMMY), chocolate chip cookies, etc.

4. write a short poem about the true meaning of Christmas
Snowflakes falling
presents wrapped
Merrymakers calling
with mittens and snow caps
Love and joy spreading with cheer
loud enough for all to hear
None of this would be
without the love
And sacrifice for you and me
many times we've forgotten
About the truth of this great season
about a babe in swaddling clothes
Being here for a reason so we would know
of his great love for our sins and sorrows
Let us not forget
of this great gift we all can get
Just look up to the sky at night
to see the bright and shining star
That brought three wise men from afar
to see the babe, king of kings
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
(I was hoping it'd be shorter :)

5. favorite Christmas carol
Um..'The First Noel'

6. favorite Christmas pin
I don't do pinterest

7. hot cocoa or eggnog? Why?
eggnog, because it's so creamy, and it goes with just about anything.

Well that's all for now! Bye!
And Merry Christmas!!!!

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