Friday, December 11, 2015

The Christmas Challenge Day 11

Hey all! Whassup? Last night we did a birthday party for my youngest brother Ben, the theme was minions and it was pretty cute, so he is six years old now..He was super surprised and he'd been waiting all year for this.
Anyways now for the Christmas Challenge Day 11!


                 11. Picture of your tree.
             Well..I'm waiting for my older sister to snap a pic of our tree with her a minute...hours later...Finally!!!! yay! She took a picture and just sent it to me! Here it is! Looks about the same as last year's but we added a few things to it.


There! Ain't it pretty? And look look look there are some presents already! :) XD.
Anyways! Hope you enjoyed my post! CYA! And Merry Christmas!!!!

                               Displaying 20151211_171502.jpgDisplaying 20151211_171502.jpg

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